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Happy Families

Happy Families is probably one of the most popular card games ever invented, with educational benefits relating to sorting and matching of sets, as well as early literacy and elementary genealogy, flowers or bird identification, etc.

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Abbatt Animal Families

Abbatt Animal Families

Abbatt Toys Animal Families, c.1970.

Alfred Marks 1985

Alfred Marks

Alfred Marks Recruitment Consultants publicity playing cards published by Astra Games

Alphabetti Spaghetti 1978

Alphabetti Spaghetti

Alphabetti Spaghetti Happy Families game for Crosse & Blackwell c.1978.

Alternative Happy Families 1985

Alternative Happy Families

An updated, 1980s-style “Alternative Happy Families” game.

Ariel Productions Ltd 1954

Ariel Productions Ltd

The founder of Ariel Productions, Philip Marx, was a prolific publisher of children’s books and comics towards the end of and just after the Second World War.

Bass & Bass Jeu des Familles

Bass & Bass Jeu des Familles

Bass & Bass ‘Jeu des Familles’ made by Franz-Josef Holler, Münich, 1989.

Busy Families

Busy Families

C. W. Faulkner’s “Busy Families”, c.1903.



This “Jeu de Familles” from the 1960s designed by Jean Bachès promotes Chambord glassware.

Cheery Families, c.1893 1893

Cheery Families, c.1893

Cheery Families card game designed by Richard Doyle and printed by De La Rue & Co., Ltd, c.1893

Classic Card Games for Kids 2002

Classic Card Games for Kids

A boxed set of playing cards, Happy Families and an alphabet pack with rules for 22 games.

Comic Families

Comic Families

“Comic Families” card game from Australia, c.1940s

Cotswold Happy Families 1997

Cotswold Happy Families

“Cotswold Happy Families” created by Mary Gardiner and illustrated by Chris Rhodes, printed by Willow Press, 1997.

Country Craftsmen 1978

Country Craftsmen

“Country Craftsmen” Happy Families with illustrations by Mandy Hall, published for the National Trust by Dinosaur Publications Ltd, 1978.

Cow & Gate Happy Family Game 1928

Cow & Gate Happy Family Game

Cow and Gate Happy Family game was issued around 1928 to promote nutrition products.

Dartmouth Happy Families 1989

Dartmouth Happy Families

“Dartmouth Happy Families” printed by Tozer & Co, 1989 to raise funds for Dartmouth Swimming Pool.

Das Lustige Familien Quartett 1930

Das Lustige Familien Quartett

“Das Lustige Familien Quartett” published by Eugen Schmidt K.G., Dresden, c.1930s

Davenol Cough Linctus 1960

Davenol Cough Linctus

Davenol Cough Linctus Happy Families published by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.

Doctor Busby 1850

Doctor Busby

“Game of Doctor Busby“- anonymous manufacturer, c.1850.

Doctor Busby 1890

Doctor Busby

The Game of “Doctor Busby” published by Parker Brothers, Salem, Massachusetts, USA, c.1890.

El Negrito Pedro, c.1950s

El Negrito Pedro, c.1950s

El Negrito Pedro, children’s card game, Buenos Aires, Argentina, c.1950s.