Doctor Busby

The “Game of Doctor Busby“ was invented by Anne W. Abbott and first published in America by W. & S. B. Ives of Salem, Massachusetts in the 1840s. Although anonymous, this hand coloured edition of the “Game of Doctor Busby“ is a close copy of original sets published by W. & S. B. Ives. As the rules contain the English spelling of the word ‘neighbour’ (US neighbor) it may have been published in England. See the Rules

The set contains 20 cards divided into four sets or ‘families’ of five cards each having a small suit symbol representing a family: Busby (mortar), Gardener (spade), Doll the Dairymaid (milk pan) and Ninny-Come-Twitch (eye). It has been suggested that “Doctor Busby“ was a precursor to “Happy Families“ although the two games have many differences.

See also: “Game of Doctor Busby“ by Parker Bros, c.1890

“Game of Doctor Busby“- unknown manufacturer, c.1850 “Game of Doctor Busby“- unknown manufacturer, c.1850

Above: “Game of Doctor Busby“- unknown manufacturer, c.1850. 20 cards + instructions in box. Images courtesy Rex Pitts.

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