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Andere Zeiten - Andere Kleider 1954

Andere Zeiten - Andere Kleider

‘History of fashion’ cultural quartet game designed by Erika Werner-Nestler, 1954.

Baraja Andaluza 1980

Baraja Andaluza

Non-standard Spanish-suited playing cards created by Rafael Rodriguez Hernandez and published by Ediciones Baja Andalucia, Sevilla, c.1980.

Baraja Aragonesa 1979

Baraja Aragonesa

Celebrating the costumes, architecture, coins and crafts of Aragon in Spain, with designs by Raúl Rodriguez Segurado.

Bharata Playing Cards 2018

Bharata Playing Cards

Bharata Playing Cards - Series 2, based on Indian folk art, published by Sunish Chabba, 2018.

Britney Spears Oracle 2022

Britney Spears Oracle

Britney Spears Oracle: A Deck and Guidebook to Be Stronger Than Yesterday — a card set for Britney fans and collectors.

Brooks dna playing cards

Brooks dna playing cards

Brooks dna playing cards produced by Gemaco for Brooks running shoes.

Casais Portugueses 1970

Casais Portugueses

Matching game by Majora, Lisbon, c.1970, featuring figures in national dress from Portuguese provinces and colonies

Chinese Costumes 1984

Chinese Costumes

Chinese Costumes from the Winterthur Collection, published by Fournier, 1984.

Chinese Dragon Robes

Chinese Dragon Robes

Deck featuring 54 different images of Chinese Dragon Robes that emperors, empresses and royal family members wear on important occasions.

Clavecin 1960


Courts in 18th century costume, with designs by F.R. Gabiraud.

Comtesse 1961


“Comtesse” by Bielefelder Spielkarten Fabrik GmbH, 1961.

Costume Playing Cards 1991

Costume Playing Cards

Four centuries of costumes from the Costume Court at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Costumes Alsaciens 1988

Costumes Alsaciens

Typical costumes and views of Alsace together with lists of the principal sights.

Costumes des Peuples Étrangers 1820

Costumes des Peuples Étrangers

Costumes des Peuples Étrangers & Jeu d’Or dedicated to young people and likely used for games and fortune-telling.

Costumes of Turkey Tarot 1800

Costumes of Turkey Tarot

‘National Costumes of Turkey’ tarot by Industrie Comptoir, Leipzig, c.1800-1825.

Dames de France 1817

Dames de France

“Dames de France” published by J-M Simon based on originals by Armand Gustave Houbigant, Paris, c.1817



Daveluy produced card games between c.1840 and 1890. Many of his playing cards have historical connotations and show figures with a landscape background.

Decked Out 2014

Decked Out

Connie Lim has created a beautifully illustrated set of fashion inspired playing cards, a tangible telling of her story, intimately realized in the palm of your hand.

Dr Who Adventures 2006

Dr Who Adventures

‘Doctor Who Adventures’ is a weekly magazine aimed at younger readers. From time to time free playing cards are included with the magazine

Dutch costume playing cards 1860

Dutch costume playing cards

Dutch costume playing cards made for the Dutch market in the second half of the 19th century.