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In the twenty-first century we must embrace the diversity of our shrinking world. Playing cards often depict national or ethnic identities, cultures, worldviews, and native communities. These representations show the indigenous capacity to assert dignity amidst modernity, sometimes outshining even the fashion industry.

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Islenzk Spil 1930

Islenzk Spil

This historical Icelandic deck was first published in c.1930 and shows the native Icelandic Vikings of some thousand years ago rendered in a romantic naturalistic style.



Istorinės Historical Deck from Lithuania manufactured by Spindulys Playing Card Manufactory, Kaunas, c.1930s

Jeu de Bataille

Jeu de Bataille

“Jeu de Bataille” card game published by Éditions Willeb, Paris. The court cards represent characters from different nationalities or ethnic groups who are presumably engaged in battle

Jeu de Cartes de Tahiti 1983

Jeu de Cartes de Tahiti

Courts and Aces inspired by Polynesian history and culture designed by Michèle Feltrin.

Juego de Naipes Andalusí 2012

Juego de Naipes Andalusí

Andalusian playing cards designed by Marifé Montoya Carrillo with booklet by Jorge Lirola Delgado, 2012.

Karata playing cards 1970

Karata playing cards

Karata playing cards produced in Nairobi, c. 1970.

Kenya Tribes Playing Cards 1991

Kenya Tribes Playing Cards

“Kenya Tribus” playing cards published by Sapra, Mount Kenya Sundries Ltd, Nairobi, 1991

Korchma Taras Bulba 2005

Korchma Taras Bulba

The first of two decks designed by Ukrainian illustrator Vladislav Erko for “Korchma Taras Bulba” restaurant which serves traditional Ukrainian cuisine

Las Cartas de Tacuabe by Manos del Uruguay 2001

Las Cartas de Tacuabe by Manos del Uruguay

Tacuabé was a Charrúa native from Uruguay, an indigenous tribe that became extinct following European conquest and colonisation.

Le jeu des 7 Familles ’Utuafare

Le jeu des 7 Familles ’Utuafare

Colourful Happy Families game from Tahiti depicting costumes from different archipelagoes.

Learn Thai 2009

Learn Thai

“Learn Thai” cards published by Lanna Innovation Co. Ltd, 2009.

Les Artisans Tunisiens

Les Artisans Tunisiens

“Les Artisans Tunisiens” Jeu de Sept Familles published by Éditions de la Mediterranée, Alpha S.A., Tunis



Lithuanian Playing Cards, reprinted by Piatnik, 1995, 2004.

Malam playing cards 2015

Malam playing cards

Malam playing cards created by Michael Muldoon, USA, 2015.

Many Folk Misfitz 1906

Many Folk Misfitz

Many Folk Misfitz published by C.W. Faulkner & Co., c.1906.



Maori themed playing cards from New Zealand depicting Maori Kings, Queens and Chiefs

Maori playing cards

Maori playing cards

Maori playing cards from New Zealand.

Martinique 2000


Original designs from the French overseas department of Martinique by local artist Martine Porry.

Mohegan Sun playing cards

Mohegan Sun playing cards

Mohegan Sun playing cards published by Gemaco for Mohegan Sun casino.

Mongol Playing Cards 1973

Mongol Playing Cards

Mongol Playing Cards with courts in traditional costume.