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American Drummer 1975

American Drummer

American Drummer Playing Cards celebrating famous Americans involved in the fight for American independence.



Naipes Argentinos 'La Partida' y 'Aparcero' published by Obsequios Empresarios Argentinos, Santa Fe.

Churchill in WW2

Churchill in WW2

Churchill ‘Walking with Destiny’ playing cards published by the Imperial War Museum.

Costumes of Turkey Tarot 1800

Costumes of Turkey Tarot

‘National Costumes of Turkey’ tarot by Industrie Comptoir, Leipzig, c.1800-1825.

Czech Hussite Deck 1895

Czech Hussite Deck

Czech “Hussite” Pack engraved by Karel Hoffmann and first printed by Jan Ritter in 1895.

Czech Nationalistic playing cards 1895

Czech Nationalistic playing cards

During the 19th century growing nationalist sentiment led to a rejection of Austro-Hungarian culture in favour of that of the native Czech people. One outcome from this movement was a ‘Nationalistic’ pack of playing cards painted by Emanuel Neumann.

Gaucho Naipes 2001

Gaucho Naipes

‘Gaucho’ Spanish-suited deck, anonymous manufacturer, made in Argentina, 2001.

Gedimino Stulpai 1930

Gedimino Stulpai

Gedimino Stulpai playing cards made in Lithuania by Spindulys Printing Co., Kaunas, depicting Lithuanian national symbolism.

Greek Playing Cards

Greek Playing Cards

Greek Playing Cards.

Heathen Wars 1820

Heathen Wars

German-suited ‘Heathen War’ playing cards published by Joseph Fetscher, Munich, c.1820.

Naipe Nacional 1970

Naipe Nacional

Naipe Nacional designed by the architect, illustrator and artist Luis Alemany (1886-1943).

Naipes Nacionales 1940

Naipes Nacionales

Naipes Nacionales designed by Manuel Bayardi and published by Clemente Jacques y Cia, Mexico c.1940.

National Misfitz 1900

National Misfitz

National Misfitz published by C.W. Faulkner & Co c.1900.

Neue Deutsche Spielkarte 1883

Neue Deutsche Spielkarte

Neue Deutsche Spielkarte (Reformkarte) conceived by Dr. Timon Schroeter, 1883.

Onward playing cards 1965

Onward playing cards

Advertising pack for Japanese fashion and lifestyle business featuring different national and regional costumes.

William Tell

William Tell

Facsimile of Swiss William Tell deck from c.1870 published by Lo Scarabeo.