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In the twenty-first century we must embrace the diversity of our shrinking world. Playing cards often depict national or ethnic identities, cultures, worldviews, and native communities. These representations show the indigenous capacity to assert dignity amidst modernity, sometimes outshining even the fashion industry.

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Aeronaves de Mexico

Aeronaves de Mexico

Special pack for Aeronaves de Mexico S.A., designed by Ramón Valdiosera Berman, mid-1960s.

Africa playing cards 2012

Africa playing cards

According to the United Nations there are 54 countries on the continent of Africa

African Art 1994

African Art

“African Art” playing cards by John J. Beckvermit III, 1994

African art playing cards 1994

African art playing cards

African art and symbolism on playing cards designed by John J. Beckvermit III, USA, 1994.

African Renaissance Deck 2000

African Renaissance Deck

African Renaissance Deck published for Nkosi's Haven, South Africa, 2000.

Ainu culture 1979

Ainu culture

A terrific deck of cards made by Nintendo c.1979 with original designs on every card showing the Ainu, the indigenous people of Japan.

Air India 1980

Air India

‘Air India’ playing cards, made in India.

America 1960


“America” playing cards designed by Teodoro N Miciano, 1960.

Apache cards by Tonto Naipero 1871

Apache cards by Tonto Naipero

Apache rawhide playing cards by ‘Tonto Naipero’, c.1871.

Apache Playing Cards 1875

Apache Playing Cards

Apache Indian Playing Cards made on rawhide, first recorded 1875.



Naipes Argentinos 'La Partida' y 'Aparcero' published by Obsequios Empresarios Argentinos, Santa Fe.

Banana Leaf Cards 1820

Banana Leaf Cards

English Standard pack hand drawn & coloured on banana leaf, c.1820.

Baraja Aparcero

Baraja Aparcero

Designed to illustrate the history of four indigenous tribes who represent the roots of the Argentinean race.

Baraja Canaria 1995

Baraja Canaria

‘La Auténtica Baraja Canaria’ was published in 1995 by Justo Pérez as an expression of the history and character of the Canary Islands.

Baraja Charra Ernesto Icaza 2002

Baraja Charra Ernesto Icaza

“Baraja Charra” with paintings by Ernesto Icaza, 2002.

Baraja Gaucha 1998

Baraja Gaucha

“Baraja Gaucha” fantasy deck designed by Mateo Tikas Plechas for Argentina, 1998.

Baralla Galega 1983

Baralla Galega

'Baralla Galega' designed by X. Cobas and published by Imprenta Comercial Imprent S.A., La Coruña (Spain) in 1983

Black & White Whisky by Nintendo

Black & White Whisky by Nintendo

Whisky advertising playing cards manufactured by Nintendo Playing Cards Co Ltd for Dodwell & Co., 1960s.

Boutros Arabic Playing Cards 1980

Boutros Arabic Playing Cards

Arabic playing cards designed by Evy Maros & Mourad Boutros.

Bretagne 1960


Jeu de Cartes “Bretagne” conveying their cultural identity.