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16th Century Kings and Queens by Oksana Pushnjak

Oksana Pushnjak has created a set of cards depicting 16th century kings and queens of Europe.

16th Century Kings and Queens by Oksana Pushnjak

A Royal Game

A Royal Game featuring Queen Victoria’s children and extended family, published by A. Collier, London, c.1896.

A Royal Game 1896

Algarve playing cards

Kings and Queens of Portugal between 1185 - 1279. by V. de J.J. Nunes , Lisbon, Portugal, 1977.

Algarve playing cards 1977

August der Starke

‘August der Starke und seine Zeit’ designed by Günter Schmitz, 1985.

August der Starke 1985

Carel de Wagenaer

Facsimile edition of cards first published by Carel de Wagenaer, Amsterdam in c.1698

Carel de Wagenaer 1698

Cartes Imperiales et Royales

‘Cartes Imperiales et Royales’ published by B. P. Grimaud & Cie representing imperial rulers and consorts from Austria, England, France & Russia, mid-19th century

Cartes Imperiales et Royales

Christian IV Anniversary

King Christian IV anniversary pack, designed by Thora Fisker and printed by L. Jevison Junior, 1988.

Christian IV Anniversary 1988

Crown the Queen

Crown the Queen card game invented by Elaine Burton, c.1953.

Crown the Queen 1953

Dronning Margrethe II

Elegant, elongated cards designed by Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.

Dronning Margrethe II 1994

Dutch costume playing cards

Dutch costume playing cards made for the Dutch market in the second half of the 19th century.

Dutch costume playing cards 1860

Dutch costume playing cards from an unknown maker

Another pack of Dutch costume playing cards c.1880.

Dutch costume playing cards from an unknown maker 1880

Dynastie Royale de Belgique

Dynastie Royale de Belgique by Mesmaekers, 1934.

Dynastie Royale de Belgique 1934

France Royale Bridge

“France Royale” Bridge playing cards by Willy Mayrl depict historical characters from France’s royal past.

France Royale Bridge 1975

Glorious Russia

‘Glorious Russia’ playing cards made in France by Grimaud, c.1995

Glorious Russia 1995

Habemus Boda, 2004

“Habemus Boda” deck celebrating the royal wedding of Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia of Spain with cartoons by Sir Cámara

Habemus Boda, 2004 2004

Hide & Seek with the Kings & Queens of England

Hide & Seek with the Kings & Queens of England by John Jaques & Son, c.1875.

Hide & Seek with the Kings & Queens of England 1875


Jagiellonskie Playing Cards with Polish Kings and Queens, made in Poland

Jagiellonskie 1990

Kaiser Jubiläum

Kaiser Jubiläum Imperial playing cards made in Austria by Ferd Piatnik & Sons, Vienna.

Kaiser Jubiläum 1898

King Christian of Denmark

In 1935 a souvenir pack of playing cards to celebrate the King's 65th birthday was commissioned from the British firm of De La Rue.

King Christian of Denmark 1935

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