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Adventure Time

Adventure Time

‘Adventure Time’ cult sci-fi playing cards published by Forbidden Planet.

America’s Most Wanted 2003

America’s Most Wanted

“America’s Most Wanted” playing cards based on the anti-crime reality TV show. 2003.

Ariel Productions Ltd 1954

Ariel Productions Ltd

The founder of Ariel Productions, Philip Marx, was a prolific publisher of children’s books and comics towards the end of and just after the Second World War.

Biography Channel 2002

Biography Channel

The ‘Biography Channel Card Game’, 2002

Breaking Bad Playing Cards 2014

Breaking Bad Playing Cards

“Breaking Bad” fan deck designed by Albino Dragon and manufactured by the USPCC in 2014.

Breaking Bad Playing Cards

Breaking Bad Playing Cards

A set of cards inspired by the hit TV show Breaking Bad, created by Jeff Nichol.

Channel X 1966

Channel X

Channel X published by Pepys Games based around TV advertising, c.1966.

Dallas playing cards 1982

Dallas playing cards

Seven of the top stars from the famous TV series Dallas.

Doctor Who 2015

Doctor Who

Doctor Who fan cards produced by Winning Moves under the Waddington's label, 2015.

Dr Who 2005

Dr Who

Dr Who is a long-running science-fiction television series produced by the BBC, first airing in 1963.

Dr Who Adventures 2006

Dr Who Adventures

‘Doctor Who Adventures’ is a weekly magazine aimed at younger readers. From time to time free playing cards are included with the magazine

Dviracio Kortos, 2001 2001

Dviracio Kortos, 2001

Dviracio Kortos playing cards, based on 'Dviracio Zynios' ('The Bicycle's News'), a popular Lithuanian TV comedy show, in which actors satirize the vices and follies of modern society.

Family Guy 2010

Family Guy

Family Guy merchandise deck licensed and copyright by Fox 2010.

Firefly Playing Cards 2015

Firefly Playing Cards

The first-ever officially licensed Firefly Playing Cards. A tribute to the Firefly TV series, featuring iconic symbols and images from the Firefly universe.

Flintstones Happy Families 1960

Flintstones Happy Families

Flintstones Happy Families by J. W. Spear and Sons, c.1960.

Four Feather Falls 1960

Four Feather Falls

Tower Press “Four Feather Falls Snap” No 6587, based on successful TV series, c1960.

Game of Thrones 2016

Game of Thrones

“Game of Thrones” playing cards are an official fan deck associated with the HBO adaptation of the books by George R.R. Martin.

Great Romances of the 20th Century 2000

Great Romances of the 20th Century

Famous stars featured in series two and three of this BBC programme.

Green Hornet playing cards 1966

Green Hornet playing cards

Green Hornet playing cards, USA, 1966

Hopalong Snap 1950

Hopalong Snap

‘Hopalong Cassidy Snap’ published by Chad Valley, 1950s.