Hopalong Snap

Hopalong Cassidy Snap

Hopalong Cassidy was originally created by author Clarence E. Mulford in 1904 in a series of short stories and novels. In 1934 a film adaptation was produced starring William Boyd which led to a television series beginning in 1949. Due to Hopalong Cassidy’s immense popularity, merchandising and tie-in deals with a wide range of brands and products followed, including toys and card games such as this one produced by Chad Valley in 1953.

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‘Hopalong Cassidy Snap’ published by Chad Valley, 1953

Above: ‘Hopalong Cassidy Snap’ published by Chad Valley, 1953.

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Throughout his career as a western movie star William Boyd realized his importance as a role model to children and so he set forth principles by which they should behave. He called them his "Creed for American Boys and Girls." These ten commandments of good citizenship are:

1. The highest badge of honor a person can wear is honesty. Be mindful at all times.
2. Your parents are the best friends you have.  Listen to them and obey their instructions.
3. If you want to be respected, you must respect others. Show good manners in every way.
4. Only through hard work and study can you succeed. Don't be lazy.
5. Your good deeds always come to light.  So don't boast or be a show off.
6. If you waste time or money today, you will regret it tomorrow. Practice thrift in all ways.
7. Many animals are good and loyal companions.  Be friendly and kind to them.
8. A strong, healthy body is a precious gift.  Be neat and clean.
9. Our country's laws are made for your protection. Observe them carefully.
10. Children in many foreign lands are less fortunate than you. Be glad and proud you are an American.
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