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Transformation Playing Cards

Transformation of Playing Cards

The best-known fantasies with playing cards are the ‘Transformation’ cards. Hand-drawing ‘transformations’ onto a pack of ordinary playing cards, with the suit symbols forming part of the overall composition, became a popular pastime 200 years ago and a test of skill in drawing. A great deal of ingenuity is required in their design. The earliest printed sets were published at the start of the 19th century, often published in the form of an almanac or sometimes known as ‘metastasis’, and these became a fashionable and entertaining novelty.

In the strict sense of the word ‘Transformation’ the pips should be in their standard positions and form part of, or fit into, the overll image portrayed on the card.

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EPCS November 1997 Newsletter

EPCS November 1997 Newsletter Members Only

Tribute to Diana Princess of Wales • Battle of Cambrai 1917 • Goodall Transformation • BEZIQUE Music • Golden Wedding of The Queen & Duke of Edinburgh • Jackspack • Cotswold Happy Families • I can't believe it's not butter • Animal Snap • Hall & Son • Tit-Bits • LEXICON (French Edition) • Dickens Mystery • Jazz • Floral • Radiant • Game of Animals • Isle of Man (Part 10) • William Kimberley Royal National Patriotic • Millennium Projects • Waddington American War of Independence

EPCS November 1999 Newsletter

EPCS November 1999 Newsletter Members Only

City Imperial Volunteers: Boer War • Hand Decorated Transformation Pack • Story Behind the Card: Bonallack & Sons • Discovering Nursery Rhymes: John Cooper • Nursery Rhyme Snap: Mo Mohile • Films and Fiction: November 1932 • Play Your Cards Right: Neil Darbyshire • Colchester: Nursery Rhyme Connection • New Issues: Queen Elizabeth Special Aces • English Standard Card Manufacturers: Hall & Bancks • The Realm • Goodall's Federation Playing Cards • Alfred the Great's Grave

EPCS Transformation 1993

EPCS Transformation

The English Playing Card Society's 10th Anniversary Transformation Playing Cards designed and produced by Karl Gerich, 1993.

Eroticartes 1983


Eroticartes with drawings by Pino Zac, 1983.

Fabrica de Cigarrillos Roldan y Cia, Lima, Peru 1890

Fabrica de Cigarrillos Roldan y Cia, Lima, Peru

The design of the figures is very agile with excellent colour harmony and execution.

H. F. Müller 1809

H. F. Müller

Transformation playing cards by H. F. Müller, Vienna, 1809

Hand-Painted Transformation, c.1800-20

Hand-Painted Transformation, c.1800-20

An early 19th century set of hand-painted transformation playing cards depicting contemporary scenes from Georgian society

Henley-on-Thames playing cards 2023

Henley-on-Thames playing cards

Calendar events and visitor attractions to be found in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.

Hidden Mickeys

Hidden Mickeys

“HiddenMickeys” by Peter Wood

Hustling Joe 1895

Hustling Joe

Hustling Joe himself appears on the Ace of Spaces dressed in red.

Inky-Dinky Playing Cards 2006

Inky-Dinky Playing Cards

A series of four decks designed by John Littleboy.

Jeanne l’Hachette 1976

Jeanne l’Hachette

Jeanne l’Hachette reprint of 19th century transformation deck, Denmark, 1976.

John Nixon Scrapbook, 1803 1803

John Nixon Scrapbook, 1803

Transformation proofs from the John Nixon Scrapbook.

Joseph Bardou & Fils cigarette papers 1880

Joseph Bardou & Fils cigarette papers

Delightful pack advertising Joseph Bardou & Fils cigarette papers for the Philippines.

Kitten Club 2006

Kitten Club

From Empresses to King Cats and One-Eyed Jacks, every game is a pageant of unforgettable cats, each with a story to tell...

La-Tee-Da transformation playing cards 2004

La-Tee-Da transformation playing cards

Facsimile edition of ‘La-Tee-Da’ transformation playing cards, originally made in 1865 by Dean & Son of London, republished by F.G. & Co. in 2004.

Litografías Industrias Madriguera 1896

Litografías Industrias Madriguera

Pictorial trade cards were becoming popular throughout Europe so that tea, tobacco, chocolate or even beef extract were the commodities most associated with beautifully lithographed insert cards.

Marlow playing cards 2023

Marlow playing cards

Visitor attractions and businesses to be found in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

Master of the Banderoles 1470

Master of the Banderoles

Playing Cards by the Master of the Banderoles, one of the earliest professional printmakers, c.1470.

Mermaid Queen 2008

Mermaid Queen

Mermaid Queen playing cards, from a series of four decks designed by John Littleboy, 2008