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H. F. Müller

Transformation playing cards by H. F. Müller, Vienna, 1809

H. F. Müller Transformation
Vienna, 1809

A pack that integrates the suit symbols neatly into the whole image.

In this early Transformation Pack by H.F. Müller of Vienna, whose name can be seen on the 3 of Clubs and King of Diamonds, the court cards are anonymous, perhaps characters of the stage in theatrical costumes. The forty numeral cards contain a collection of delightful period scenes of everyday folks in imaginary stage sets depicted with a subtle sense of humour and excellent characterisation of figures and faces. The maker's initials and trade mark are visible in the 5 of Diamonds (right).

H.F. Müller of Vienna also published the "Beatrice" transformation pack, 9 years later in about 1818.

Transformation Pack by H.F. Muller of Vienna, 1809 Transformation Pack by H.F. Muller of Vienna, 1809

Above: Transformation Pack by H.F. Muller of Vienna, 1809. From the collection of Barney Townshend.


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