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Iduna Skat 1996

Iduna Skat

Advertising pack for a Hamburg building society featuring pigs in disguise.

Jany Group 1983

Jany Group

Deck issued to celebrate the Jany Group of Private Investors acquiring a controlling majority of Vereinigte Altenburger und Stralsunder Spielkarten Fabriken, 1983.



Kaffeehaus-Pikett featuring the old Viennese Large Crown pattern, made by ASS.

Kaiserkarte 1896


“Kaiserkarte” first published by Schneider & Co in 1895-1897 for the Imperial Court.

Later Bavarian Pattern 1937

Later Bavarian Pattern

Later Bavarian single-ended pattern by Vereinigte Altenburg-Stralsunder Spielkarten-Fabriken A-G., c.1937

Lenormand Cartomancy 1890

Lenormand Cartomancy

Mlle Lenormand Cartomancy deck made by Vereinigte Stralsunder Spielkartenfabriken, Stralsund, c.1890.

Loriot Rummy 1973

Loriot Rummy

Delightful comical deck designed by Loriot, the German cartoonist and comedian, 1973.

Luxus Skatkarte Nr.1134

Luxus Skatkarte Nr.1134

Luxus Skatkarte Nr.1134 printed by Brepols for Germany, c.1940s.

Märchenquartett 1955


Fairy Tales quartet designed by Annemarie Gramberg, published by Vereinigte Altenburger und Stralsunder Spielkarten-Fabriken AG, 1955.

Mercedes-Benz Skat 1988

Mercedes-Benz Skat

Classy-looking designs by Monika Dostler for a manufacturer of posh cars.

Mordillo Skat 1979

Mordillo Skat

Mordillo Skat designed by Guillermo Mordillo, c.1979

North German Pattern

North German Pattern

The North German pattern appeared in the mid-19th century, derived from the French ‘Paris’ pattern,

Original Skatgeld der Stadt Altenburg

Original Skatgeld der Stadt Altenburg

“Original Skatgeld der Stadt Altenburg” featuring the emergency money of 1921 designed by Otto Pech

Osram Advertising Playing Cards

Osram Advertising Playing Cards

The court cards feature double-ended light-bulb people (the Kings are repeated in each suit) and the numeral cards have vignettes at each end illustrating how Osram light bulbs lighten the darkness.

Otto Tragy Jugendstil Spielkarten 1898

Otto Tragy Jugendstil Spielkarten

Special Jugendstil playing cards designed by Otto Tragy and first published by Altenburger Spielkartenfabrik Schneider & Co. in c.1898.

Oude Kunst (Old Art) playing cards with Wüst courts 1930

Oude Kunst (Old Art) playing cards with Wüst courts

made for export to the Netherlands.

Overstolz Cigaretten 1970

Overstolz Cigaretten

Colourful publicity playing cards for a brand of German cigarettes.

Polit-Poker 1984 1984

Polit-Poker 1984

“Polit-Poker” designed by Bubec (Lutz Backes), 1984.

Postillion Schafkopf 1994

Postillion Schafkopf

Postillion Schafkopf dedicated to the history of the German postal service.

Renovation 2.000 1958

Renovation 2.000

Renovation 2.000 playing cards with special courts designed by Jean Hoffmann.