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Dengue 2010


Dengue prevention playing cards. Juego de 40 Naipes. Material para la prevención del Dengue, Ministerio de Salud de la Nación (Argentina).

El Jokey by Piatnik, 1990s

El Jokey by Piatnik, 1990s

‘El Jokey’ Spanish-suited pack by Piatnik & Sons, Vienna, 1990s

F. X. Schmid (Argentina) S.A.

F. X. Schmid (Argentina) S.A.

Spanish-suited playing cards by F. X. Schmid (Argentina) S.A.

Foto Joker 2008

Foto Joker

'Foto Joker' Spanish playing cards for Matera Color Laboratory, 2008.

Francisco Flores 1580

Francisco Flores

Playing cards in this style have been discovered in various parts of the world, suggesting that they were exported or carried there by early explorers or merchants.

Giuseppe Cattino

Giuseppe Cattino

Playing cards manufactured in Italy by Giuseppe Cattino and Paolo Montanar for Spanish markets.

Gothic Spanish-suited cards 1515

Gothic Spanish-suited cards

These cards may be a typical example of early 'standard' Spanish playing cards, maybe from before Columbus sailed for the 'New World' which were imitated by German engravers who wished to export their wares back to Spain.

Grimaud Spanish pattern 1880

Grimaud Spanish pattern

Grimaud Spanish pattern, c.1880

Hand-made Spanish Suited Playing Cards

Hand-made Spanish Suited Playing Cards

Decks are made on two-ply pasteboard which reproduces the tactile quality of antique cards.

Hermanos Solesio

Hermanos Solesio

“Money Bag” pattern by Hermanos Solesi, late 18th c.

J. Deluy  c.1490s 1490

J. Deluy c.1490s

Archaic Spanish-suited cards produced by J. Deluy c.1490s.

Jaime Margarit - Recreo Infantil 1888

Jaime Margarit - Recreo Infantil

'Recreo Infantil' children's educational cards published by Jaime Margarit, Palamós (Gerona) c.1888.

Joan Barbot

Joan Barbot

Joan Barbot, San Sebastian c.1765-1810.

Joker S.A.

Joker S.A.

Playing cards manufactured by Joker S.A.

José Gombau 1833

José Gombau

Deck of half-sized Spanish-suited playing cards in the Maciá pattern produced by José Gombau, Zaragoza, c.1833.

Juan Roura Catalan 1930

Juan Roura Catalan

Catalan type by Juan Roura, La Hispano-Americana, Barcelona (1872 - 1962).

Kem ‘Spanish’ playing cards 1994

Kem ‘Spanish’ playing cards

Kem ‘Spanish’ playing cards appear to depict Spanish conquistadors © 1994.

La Española Classic

La Española Classic

‘La Española Classic’ is a traditional ‘La Española’ Spanish-suited pack and is produced in several sizes (standard, round, small and pocket).

Latin American Playing Cards

Latin American Playing Cards

Playing cards had been introduced to the Americas with explorers such as Columbus or Cortés, whose fellow countrymen were keen gamblers. Cards were imported from Spain since the 16th century. Local production usually imitated Spanish cards.

Martínez de León 1951

Martínez de León

Bull-fighters pack published by Hijos de Heraclio Fournier, Vitoria (Spain) with artwork by Andrés Martínez de León, 1951.