Anonymous Snap game

This anonymous and untitled “Snap” game from the late 19th century has a back design showing a mythical Greek muse with a lyre, or a goddess of music, song and dance.

The “Old Familiar Faces” clown make-up is very much like that of the famous clown Joseph Grimaldi whose name “Joey” became used for all the subsequent white-faced clowns. Grimaldi had died in 1837 but his style of clown had become a permanent fixture in Victorian melodrama and pantomime.

Alfred Lord Tennyson was poet laureate for a large part of Queen Victoria’s reign. He was appointed in 1850 and remained in that post until he died in 1892 aged 83. The card is a copy of a famous photographic portrait of him.

Music Hall artist George Leybourne sang a song about a lady charmer called Captain Cuff in the 1880s.

Michael Nolan sang a Music Hall song in 1890 about Annie Rooney.

“Opera Boufeé” card. This was a style of popular French opera style of the late 19th century particularly the operas of Jaques Offenbach.

Anonymous “Snap” game from the late 19th century
Anonymous “Snap” game from the late 19th century

Above: Anonymous “Snap” game from the late 19th century. Images and notes courtesy Rex Pitts.

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