St George Game

St George Game, 1858

Published in Manchester, England, in 1858 by C. Henry, printed and designed by Leeming Lithographer, to be played in the Victorian family home. The figure cards show St George and other saints with their ladies in medieval attire engaged in battle, slaying the dragon to save souls from perdition. Because only heroes of uncommon valour, courage and purity could hope to subdue these monsters and emerge victorious, the images have an underlying moral and ethical implication. For Victorian parents the upbringing of their children was the most important responsibility. They believed that a child must know the difference between right and wrong in order to become a thoughtful, moral adult.

Above: 50 cards in total with 21 “Pay One to the Pool”, 7 “Pay Three to the Pool” & “Receive three from the Pool” numbered 1 – 7. The others are all single cards.

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