OBD Playing Cards made in Peru

OBD playing cards, Lima, Peru, c.1976

Spanish-suited playing cards printed by OBD, S.A., Lima, Peru; 40 linen grained cards in cardboard box, slightly non-standard designs based on the Cadiz pattern, c.1976. The name 'OBD' is printed in the centre of the back design and on the box. Cheaper grade cards with exactly the same designs were printed in the 1990s by Pavias

OBD Spanish-suited playing cards, c.1976

OBD S.A. also produced Anglo-American style cards for playing Poker & Canasta, with interesting court card designs. Again, the OBD logo is printed on the backs, and the 2 jokers have the legend "Naipes OBD, R.I. 8867 - Lima - Peru" printed on them - see below.

OBD Mona Poker-Canasta playing cards, c.1976
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