Multum in Parvo Co., Ltd

Multum in Parvo Company of 7 Water Lane, Ludgate Hill, London, was founded by descendents of Mullord Brothers in 1884. The company published a range of indoor games until 1927, which were supplied wholesale. However, they were not all card games:

Animal Quorum, Auction Game, Birds, Beasts and Fishes, The Bogie Man, The Castle, Chameleon, Consil, The Dockyard or Ship Building at Home, Fairy Tales, Four Flags, Grand Prize, Happy Golliwog, Invasion, Judge & Jury, Koker-Nut Shy, Lifeboats, Merry Families, Money Matters, Music, Musical Dominoes, Nap, Newmarket, Nuhome, Our Fleet, The Poets’ Conversation Cards, Rabbits!, The Rescue, The Roaring Lion, Shop, Shute, Simple Games for Simple Folk, Snap, The Soccer Game, Speculation, Stock Exchange, Tennis, Tommy's Wedding, Touring, Turnover, The Walk to Brighton, Who Buys?, Word Making & Word Taking.

Most games sold for between 6d and one shilling, but miniature packs of playing cards, one penny.

Several of the card games shown below contain the same images, repurposed to fit a different game format, particularly the Merry Families and Snap characters. For example, the same animal caricatures are seen in “Birds, Beasts and Fishes”, “Consil” and “The Improved Game of Snap”.

Birds, Beasts and Fishes

“Birds, Beasts and Fishes” published by Multum in Parvo Ltd from 1884

Above: the Game of Birds, Beasts and Fishes, from 1884,   more


“Consil” published by Multum in Parvo Ltd, c.1900

Above: “Consil” published by Multum in Parvo Ltd, c.1900,   more

Some of the pictures in the above games were also used in The Improved Game of Snap

Merry Families

At least two different versions of Happy Families are known, one featuring tradespeople, the other occupations, or professions.

Merry Families, from 1884

Above: Merry Families (Trades), from 1884,   more.

Merry Families, c.1890

Above: Merry Families (Occupations), c.1890.   more.


Snap, c.1890

Above: Snap, c.1890.   more.

Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales, c.1884

Above: the Game of Fairy Tales, c.1884   more

Nap, or the Game of Proverbs

Proverbs, c.1900

Above: Nap, or the Game of Proverbs, c.1900   more

Four Flags

the Game of Four Flags, 1884

Above: the Game of Four Flags, 1884,   more

Who Buys?

Who Buys?, c.1890

Above: Who Buys?, c.1890.   more.

Auction Game

Auction Game, c.1890

Above: Auction Game, c.1890.   more.


All images courtesy Rex Pitts. Thanks to Neil Darbyshire for additional research.

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