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The first reliable evidence that playing cards were being used in Italy is from 1376, when a game called 'naibbe' is forbidden in a decree, with the implication that the game had only recently been introduced there.

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San Marino Souvenir 1975

San Marino Souvenir

San Marino stamp designs combined with photographic views by La Fotometalgrafica Emiliana, c.1975.

San Paolo Chekhov 1983

San Paolo Chekhov

Characters from Chekhov’s plays designed by Paolo Fresu for San Paolo Istituto Bancario, Italy, c.1983.

San Paolo Shakespeare 1978

San Paolo Shakespeare

San Paolo Shakespeare, Italy, 1978

Sarde Pattern 1975

Sarde Pattern

Sarde pattern published by Modiano, c.1975, based on early XIX century Spanish model.

Sardinian playing cards

Sardinian playing cards

Sardinian playing cards.

Schwarze Katze (or Gioco del Gatto Nero) 1984

Schwarze Katze (or Gioco del Gatto Nero)

Reproduction of a 40-card transformation pack with designs by “WS”, adapted for the game of Black Cat.

Serravalle-Sesia Tarot 1880

Serravalle-Sesia Tarot

Serravalle-Sesia Tarot published by Fratelli Avondo, c.1880.

Sicilia in Acquerello 2020

Sicilia in Acquerello

Souvenir playing cards from Sicily using watercolours rather than photographs.

Sicilian Pattern

Sicilian Pattern

The Sicilian pack has a similar composition to the Neapolitan pack, and is small and squat in appearance.

Sicilian playing cards by Antonio Monasta

Sicilian playing cards by Antonio Monasta

"Il Leon" Sicilian playing cards, 40-card pack based on Spanish designs, made in Sicily by Antonio Monasta, probably 17th century.

Small Tuscan Pattern

Small Tuscan Pattern

Small Tuscan Pattern

Sola-Busca Tarocchi 1491

Sola-Busca Tarocchi

The Sola-Busca Tarocchi, c.1491

Sorrento Napoletane 2010

Sorrento Napoletane

Souvenir of Sorrento by Carte Da Gioco Muoio, Naples, c.2010

Spielkarten in Bromsilber-Photographie 1983

Spielkarten in Bromsilber-Photographie

“Spielkarten in Bromsilber-Photographie” facsimile edition by Vito Arienti of Edizioni del Solleone, Italy, 1983.

Stairs of Gold Tarot 1979

Stairs of Gold Tarot

Whilst the titles of the cards are in Italian, the Hebrew and Sanskrit letters on the Trump cards denote, respectively, associations with the Cabbala and Vedic metaphysics.

Storia del Fascismo 1989

Storia del Fascismo

Published by Il Meneghello, this pack provides a visual history of Fascism in Italy between 1919 and 1945.

Storia del Fascismo - gioco di carte

Storia del Fascismo - gioco di carte

‘Storia del Fascismo’ playing cards depicting persons, symbols and artifacts associated with Italian fascism.

Tarocchi di Mantegna, c.1465 1465

Tarocchi di Mantegna, c.1465

The so-called Tarocchi di Mantegna (c.1465) reflect an ideological structure bringing to mind the soul's progress towards perfection.

Tarocchini Bolognesi by Carlo Zanardi 1850

Tarocchini Bolognesi by Carlo Zanardi

Tarocchini Bolognesi by Carlo Zanardi, c.1850

Tarocchino Lombardo, c.1835 1835

Tarocchino Lombardo, c.1835

“Tarocchino Lombardo” c.1835, a limited facsimile edition of 2500 by Edizione del Solleone, Italy, 1981.