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Portuguese Playing Cards

The Real Fábrica de Cartas de Jogar was founded in 1769, by Royal Charter of King José, under the master craftsman Lorenzo Solezio, brother of Félix Solesio who ran the Spanish Real Fábrica at Macharaviaya.

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Algarve playing cards 1977

Algarve playing cards

Kings and Queens of Portugal between 1185 - 1279. by V. de J.J. Nunes , Lisbon, Portugal, 1977.

Banco Borges & Irmão 1984

Banco Borges & Irmão

Commemorating the centenary of a Portuguese bank, depicting historical figures.

Benfiquista! 2006


Licensed and sponsored product for the Benfica Football Club, Lisbon, Portugal, 2006.

Campari playing cards 2017

Campari playing cards

Publicity pack for Campari, designed for the Portuguese or Brazilian market.

Casais Portugueses 1970

Casais Portugueses

Matching game by Majora, Lisbon, c.1970, featuring figures in national dress from Portuguese provinces and colonies

Early Spanish/Portuguese type

Early Spanish/Portuguese type

Fragment of a sheet of archaic Spanish-suited 'Dragon' playing cards found during restoration of a house in Antwerp built between 1559 and 1574

English pattern from Portugal 1960

English pattern from Portugal

English pattern by Litografia Maia, Porto, Portugal, c.1960.

Fernando Pessoa & Co playing cards

Fernando Pessoa & Co playing cards

Fernando Pessoa & Co playing cards - Lisbon

Kings and Queens of Brazil & Portugal 1870

Kings and Queens of Brazil & Portugal

Historical playing cards by C. L. Wüst depicting monarchs of Brazil and Portugal.

Kings and Queens of Portugal 2012

Kings and Queens of Portugal

Cameo portraits of Portuguese royalty from 1128 to 1910.

Madeira Souvenir

Madeira Souvenir

“Ilha da Madeira” Souvenir playing cards with 54 colour views of the archipelago.

Middle Ages 1927

Middle Ages

Middle Ages by Germano & Cª, (Litografia Maia),

Non-standard deck by Maillard 1885

Non-standard deck by Maillard

Attractive deck by the Portuguese maker Maillard, c.1885 with scenic aces and German-style courts

Non-standard pack by J.J. Nunes 1924

Non-standard pack by J.J. Nunes

Charming designs reminiscent of older, northern European models.

O Baralho dos Provérbios! 2016

O Baralho dos Provérbios!

Portuguese proverbs in combination with special courts and suit-signs published by Apenas Livros, Lisbon.

Playing cards by António 1985

Playing cards by António

Caricatures by António Moreira Antunes of Portuguese politicians from the 1980s, with non-standard suits corresponding to their respective parties.

Playing Cards by J J Nunes

Playing Cards by J J Nunes

Playing Cards by J J Nunes, Lisbon, Portugal

Portuguese Conjuring Playing Cards 1850

Portuguese Conjuring Playing Cards

Portuguese Conjuring Playing Cards, c.1850.

Portuguese pattern

Portuguese pattern

19th century Portuguese pattern, re-printed from original woodblocks.