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Happy Families

Happy Families is probably one of the most popular card games ever invented, with educational benefits relating to sorting and matching of sets, as well as early literacy and elementary genealogy, flowers or bird identification, etc.

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Les Artisans Tunisiens

Les Artisans Tunisiens

“Les Artisans Tunisiens” Jeu de Sept Familles published by Éditions de la Mediterranée, Alpha S.A., Tunis

Linda Edgerton Happy Families 1925

Linda Edgerton Happy Families

Linda Edgerton ‘Happy Families’ published by Chad Valley Games, Harborne, England, c.1925.

Marché 7 Familles

Marché 7 Familles

“Marché 7 Familles” Happy Families card game published by France Cartes

Mauclair Dacier Familles 1890

Mauclair Dacier Familles

This “Jeu de Sept Familles” was produced by Mauclair Dacier in the late 19th century.

Merry Andrews Happy Families 1936

Merry Andrews Happy Families

Merry Andrews - the very Happy Families, published by Scott & Turner Ltd, 1936.

Merry Families 1890

Merry Families

Merry Families #2 (Occupations), by Multum in Parvo Co. Ltd., c.1890.

Merry Families 1896

Merry Families

Merry Families published by Multum in Parvo Co., Ltd, from 1896

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Happy Families 2014

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Happy Families

“Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” Happy Families.

Mr Bok 1930

Mr Bok

The Merry Game of Mr Bok and his Happy Families, promoting Bok furniture polish, 1930s.

Mustering of the Mustard Club 1926

Mustering of the Mustard Club

The “Mustering of the Mustard Club” was one of many promotional items produced by Colman's for the Mustard Club which was launched in 1926.

Naval and Military Families 1910

Naval and Military Families

Naval and Military Families produced by Prince and Princess Louis of Battenberg, printed by Ernst Nister of Nuremberg, c.1905-10.

Nestlé Happy Families 1935

Nestlé Happy Families

‘Happy Families’ published by Nestlé in 1935.

Ottakar’s Happy Families 2000

Ottakar’s Happy Families

Ottakar’s Happy Families designed by Chris Burke, 2000.

Parkinson’s Happy Families 1920

Parkinson’s Happy Families

Parkinson’s Happy Families published by Parkinson’s of Doncaster, confectioners established in the early nineteenth century.



‘Pekka’, an additional card in the set, is an ethically-incorrect golly look-alike card, embodying the caricature of foreign heritage without a status or family structure. In other countries the game is often known as ‘Old Maid’, ‘Black Peter’, ‘Petter-spel’ or ‘Schwarzer Peter’.

Politically Incorrect Happy Families 2014

Politically Incorrect Happy Families

A Happy Families set with many differences from a conventional one.

Reshuffle 2010


“Reshuffle” by Reetta Hiltunen, Finland, is a playing card installation stemming from the traditional Finnish children's card game Pekka-game or Funny Families.

Round the World Families

Round the World Families

Round the World Families published by the London Missionary Society, c.1945.

Round the World Happy Families

Round the World Happy Families

Round the World Happy Families by Chiefton Products Ltd of Bristol, c.1950s.

Spears Happy Families

Spears Happy Families

Spears Happy Families.