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Amerindian Art on playing cards


"Amerindian" refers to the indigenous peoples of the Americas, including North, Central, and South America, as well as the Caribbean islands. These peoples are also sometimes referred to as Native Americans or Indigenous Peoples, and they have unique cultures, languages, and histories that predate European colonization of the Americas.

In certain instances these people have suffered injustice and/or exploitation, and experience ongoing struggles for recognition and reparation.

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Aeronaves de Mexico

Aeronaves de Mexico

Special pack for Aeronaves de Mexico S.A., designed by Ramón Valdiosera Berman, mid-1960s.

America 1960


“America” playing cards designed by Teodoro N Miciano, 1960.

Apache cards by Tonto Naipero 1871

Apache cards by Tonto Naipero

Apache rawhide playing cards by ‘Tonto Naipero’, c.1871.

Apache Playing Cards 1875

Apache Playing Cards

Apache Indian Playing Cards made on rawhide, first recorded 1875.

Aztec Codex playing cards 2015

Aztec Codex playing cards

Aztec Codex playing cards illustrated by Emmanuel Valtierra, USA, ©2015.

Baraja Cuauhtémoc 1950

Baraja Cuauhtémoc

Baraja Cuauhtémoc published by Treviño Narro, Monterrey, Mexico Original artwork by P. X. Santaella featuring Aztec and other important pre-Columbian cultures.

Baraja Maya 1975

Baraja Maya

Original designs inspired by Mayan art and culture published by Fernando Güemes, Mexico.

Calendario Inka 2004

Calendario Inka

“Calendario Inka” playing cards published by Power Casinos, Lima, Peru, c.2004.

Cartas Precolombinas 2001

Cartas Precolombinas

Spanish playing cards with Pre-Columbian designs from Argentina, 2001.

Cusco Inca Souvenir 2000

Cusco Inca Souvenir

Pre-Incas & Incas Souvenir Playing Cards, Cusco, Peru, 2000.

El Ferrocarril

El Ferrocarril

Naipe El Ferrocarril made by La Cubana, S.A. (Fabrica de Naipes El Aguila), Mexico, c.1960



Playing Cards from Guatemala

Inka Culture

Inka Culture

Inka Culture playing cards, Peru, c.2000, promoting alpaca and cotton.

Inka Naipe Souvenir

Inka Naipe Souvenir

54 colour photographs of costumes and artefacts connected with the Inca civilisation, unknown publisher, Arequipa, Peru.



'Inka-Dynasty' playing cards are based on historic 16th century designs by the Peruvian chronicler Felipe Guamán Poma de Ayala, and printed by Power Casinos, Lima, Peru, c.2004.

Las Cartas de Tacuabe by Manos del Uruguay 2001

Las Cartas de Tacuabe by Manos del Uruguay

Tacuabé was a Charrúa native from Uruguay, an indigenous tribe that became extinct following European conquest and colonisation.

Latin American Playing Cards

Latin American Playing Cards

Playing cards had been introduced to the Americas with explorers such as Columbus or Cortés, whose fellow countrymen were keen gamblers. Cards were imported from Spain since the 16th century. Local production usually imitated Spanish cards.

Malam playing cards 2015

Malam playing cards

Malam playing cards created by Michael Muldoon, USA, 2015.

Mapuche Indian Playing Cards

Mapuche Indian Playing Cards

Spanish-suited playing cards made on rawhide and said to have been used by Chilean Mapuche Indians, XVI-XVII century

Mardi Gras playing cards 2015

Mardi Gras playing cards

Mardi Gras playing cards illustrated by Dave Edgerly, USA, 2015