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Cartomancy and Fortune-Telling

Cartomancy, Oracle and Divination Cards

Playing cards are used for fortune-telling, predicting the future or even as a psychological adjunct to folk medicine and therapy. Turning another card illumines the moment and new clarity emerges.

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Rameses Fortune Telling 1910

Rameses Fortune Telling

The Rameses Fortune Telling Cards were manufactured by Chas. Goodall & Son Ltd, London, c.1910, around the same time as Rameses The Egyptian Wonderworker, was performing.

Ramses II tarot 1975

Ramses II tarot

Ramses II Tarot deck was published c.1975 in conjunction with a Peruvian occult or esoteric magazine.

Significado de los Naipes Españoles 1932

Significado de los Naipes Españoles

Cartomantic meanings of Spanish playing cards by Benita the Witch (XVI century), published by Chocolates Nelia, c.1932.

Smash Hits playing cards 1999

Smash Hits playing cards

Pack of playing cards with pop stars offered free with the Smash Hits magazine.

Stairs of Gold Tarot 1979

Stairs of Gold Tarot

Whilst the titles of the cards are in Italian, the Hebrew and Sanskrit letters on the Trump cards denote, respectively, associations with the Cabbala and Vedic metaphysics.

Tarjetas de la Felicidad 2001

Tarjetas de la Felicidad

“Tarjetas de la Felicidad” containing positive mental affirmations by Lauro Trevisan, Buenos Aires (Argentina) c.2001

The ‘Mystic’ 1948

The ‘Mystic’

The ‘Mystic’ Fortune Teller card game by Clifford Toys.

The 72 Names Cards 2010

The 72 Names Cards

The 72 Names Cards based on the Kabbalistic "72 Names of God" and the metaphysical artwork of Orna Ben-Shoshan, Raanana, Israel.

The Fortune Teller's Deck 1995

The Fortune Teller's Deck

The Fortune Teller’s Deck was published in 1995 in conjunction with a book written by Jane Lyle. The deck was designed by Neil Breeden and the court cards incorporate traditional symbolism.

The Playing Card Oracles 2002

The Playing Card Oracles

The Picture Book of Ana Cortez is an original work of art designed to facilitate Divination.

Thoth Tarot – Aleister Crowley Tarot 1972

Thoth Tarot – Aleister Crowley Tarot

Aleister Crowley Tarot – the sombre luminary – Crowley and Lady Freda Harris worked on the illustrations between 1938 and 1943

Wahrsage-Karten 1911


In this version an explanatory verse is printed at the top of each card.

Wüst Lenormand deck, c.1860 1860

Wüst Lenormand deck, c.1860

Wüst Lenormand deck, c.1860

Ye Witches’ Fortune Cards 2019

Ye Witches’ Fortune Cards

Review of the 2019 edition Ye Witches Fortune Cards No 62

Ye Witches’ No.62 Fortune Cards 1896

Ye Witches’ No.62 Fortune Cards

Ye Witches Fortune Telling Cards published by the United States Playing Card Co., 1896. 52 cards + Joker + extra card in box.