The 72 Names Cards

A divination deck based on the Kabbalistic "72 Names of God" and the metaphysical artwork of Orna Ben-Shoshan.

The 72 Names Cards by Orna Ben-Shoshan, 2010 The 72 Names Cards by Orna Ben-Shoshan, 2010

This remarkable and attractive set of cards for personal guidance is based on the Kabbalistic "72 Names of God" and the metaphysical artwork of Orna Ben-Shoshan, Israel. By consulting the cards in a sincere way, answers to life-questions are facilitated by allowing the cards' message to activate the personal wisdom of the seeker. The cards support your self-growth.

"Each letter combination on a card has a corresponding number on the bottom of the card, because most people do not identify the Hebrew letters. When attaching the artwork to the meanings of the cards, I did not necessarily relate to the items composing a picture, but to the underlying message that the artwork delivers. These are after all - surrealistic paintings..." [says Orna Ben-Shoshan].

The "72 Names Cards" guide you along your chosen path in a reliable, accurate and loving way, taking into consideration the fact that every person faces challenges in life in order to grow personally and spiritually. The sacred "72 names of God" open the passages to universal wisdom. They are a direct connection to the eternal spiritual abundance that nourishes the soul. Unlike other known methods of divination, you only need to draw a single card in order to get a clearer understanding of your situation: no complicated spreads are necessary. An additional card may be drawn if the answer you receive is not clear, or you need to know more.

The interpretations are found in the booklet that is included with the cards, and give you the knowledge you need in three simple steps: perspective (gives you an overview of the situation), direction (advice for action, or the mental / spiritual attitude you need in order to reach a solution) and bottom line (the possible outcome).

"I have very much enjoyed using the cards and discovering how they activate the awareness of one's own inner wisdom so that you grow by yourself. They are very complimentary to my own practice of Buddhist meditation." Review by Simon Wintle, May 2010.

Cards copyright Orna Ben-Shoshan. Images taken from the first limited edition series, 2010.

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