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Inspector Gadget 1983

Inspector Gadget

The Adventures of Inspector Gadget quartet game published by Fournier in 1983.

Jeu de Familles Les Pierrafeu® 1994

Jeu de Familles Les Pierrafeu®

Quartet game featuring The Flintstones and friends.

Jungle Thrills & Safari 1955

Jungle Thrills & Safari

Jungle Thrills illustrated by Racey Helps and published by Pepys Games, 1955.

Käpt’n Blaubär 2010

Käpt’n Blaubär

Käpt’n Blaubär quartett for Deutsche Postbank AG, 2010.

Kojak bubble gum cards 1978

Kojak bubble gum cards

Bubble gum cards featuring stills – mainly of Telly Savalas – from the cult TV series Kojak.

Little Britain

Little Britain

“Little Britain” fan deck published by the BBC in 2005.

Monty Python

Monty Python

Monty Python playing cards marketed by ‘re:creation’ and made in China.

Mr Turnip’s TV Audition 1954

Mr Turnip’s TV Audition

Mr Turnip was a puppet character that was very bossy. He was invented by Joy Laurey.

Muffin 1950


Muffin card game based on children’s TV series, c.1950.

Paddington 1974


Paddington card game published in UK by Whitman.

Parks and Recreation Playing Cards 2013

Parks and Recreation Playing Cards

Custom playing cards based on the TV series Parks and Recreation.

Paw Patrol 2016

Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol Jumbo Playing Cards by Cardinal 2016.

Piñón Fijo

Piñón Fijo

“Piñón Fijo” is an Argentine clown, whose real name is Fabián Gómez. He is well-known on Argentine children's television.

Pumuckl quartet game 1987

Pumuckl quartet game

Quartet game featuring the kobold Pumuckl, creation of the German author Ellis Kaut.

Robin Hood 1956

Robin Hood

Robin Hood card game published by Pepys, 1956.

Russian Federation 2000

Russian Federation

Russian Federation pack featuring leading political figures of the time, c.2000.

Sony IBC’86 1986

Sony IBC’86

Sony IBC’86 complimentary pack showcasing latest electronic and digital equipment as it stood in 1986.

South Park Playing Cards 2001

South Park Playing Cards

South Park characters and famous one-liners, by Carta Mundi for Hasbro Int. Inc., 2001.

The Muppet Show 1978

The Muppet Show

“The Muppet Show” playing cards made by ASS in 1978.

Three Stooges playing cards 1999

Three Stooges playing cards

54 different photos of the famous American vaudeville and comedy team.