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Our Kings and Queens 1902

Our Kings and Queens

An historical & educational card game designed and published by Mazawattee Tea Co., Ltd, London, c.1902

Sefite card game 1905

Sefite card game

“Sefite” card game, Woolley & Co,. Ltd, London, c.1905



Snap card game published in UK by Globe (Oppenheimer und Sulzbacher), late 19th century.

Spear’s Old Maid

Spear’s Old Maid

Spear’s “The Jolly Game of Old Maid” was introduced around 1900. The cards contain some interesting but harmless social stereotypes from the end of the Victorian era.

Spin & Old Maid 1893

Spin & Old Maid

Lovely Victorian family card game with illustrations by the famous humorous artist, cartoonist and illustrator Richard Doyle (1824-1883)

St George Game

St George Game

St George Game, 1858, depicting St George and other saints engaged in battle slaying the dragon to save souls from perdition.

Stop Thief & Snip-Snap 1895

Stop Thief & Snip-Snap

Another late Victorian family card game by Thomas de la Rue & Co Ltd, c.1895 with beautifully illustrated period characters.

The Odd Trick

The Odd Trick

The Odd Trick - a bit of Edwardian naughtiness.

The Streets of London 1880

The Streets of London

“The Streets of London” published by John Jaques & Son, London, c.1880.

Transformation c.1880 1880

Transformation c.1880

Transformation playing cards hand-drawn on a pack manufactured by Hunt’s Playing Card Manufacturing Co Ltd c.1880

Transformation c.1880 1880

Transformation c.1880

Hand-drawn transformation cards, c.1880

Transformation Playing Cards, 1811 1811

Transformation Playing Cards, 1811

Transformation playing cards, first published in 1811. Each card bears a picture in which the suit marks are concealed within the design. This artistic exercise began as a late 18th century pastime.

Tut=Tut 1900


“Tut=Tut; or a Run in a Motor Car” published by Woolley & Co Ltd, early 1900s

Victorian Cookery 2018

Victorian Cookery

‘Victorian cookery’ playing cards produced by Cultzilla, United Kingdom, c. 2018.

Woolley & Co: “Eurekas” 1885

Woolley & Co: “Eurekas”

Woolley & Co: “Eureka” playing cards with rounded corners, small index pips and decorative back design, c.1880-1885.

Woolley & Co: “Second Harrys” 1877

Woolley & Co: “Second Harrys”

Woolley & Co produced a range of different quality playing cards, and these “Second Harrys” are towards the cheaper end of the range.

Zoological Misfitz

Zoological Misfitz

Zoological Misfitz card game published by C.W. Faulkner.