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A Royal Game 1896

A Royal Game

A Royal Game featuring Queen Victoria’s children and extended family, published by A. Collier, London, c.1896.

Animal Misfitz 1900

Animal Misfitz

Animal Misfitz designed by George Lambert for Faulkner Games, c.1900.

Chad Valley ‘Sporting Snap’ c.1895 1895

Chad Valley ‘Sporting Snap’ c.1895

Chad Valley ‘Sporting Snap’ card game designed by Max Pollock c.1895.

Chas Goodall and Son 1820-1922 1820

Chas Goodall and Son 1820-1922

Today nothing remains of Charles Goodall's Camden Works, where three-quarters of the playing cards printed in Britain were produced.

District Messenger 1900

District Messenger

District Messengers were uniformed young men wearing little pill-box hats and mounted on bicycles who fulfilled urgent tasks and were paid by the mile

EPCS June 2001 Newsletter

EPCS June 2001 Newsletter Members Only

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EPCS June 2023 Newsletter

EPCS June 2023 Newsletter Members Only

Coronation • Who Were Rowley & Co. • Research Archives by WCMPC • Winstanley Queen of Clubs • Kirk's London Cries Revisited • Pub Quiz Snap • Street Cries Snap • Jarvis Porter • Ogilvy Game • Precedence • Rock Brothers and Pope Joan • A Fight Between Cardmakers • Brexit - the Real Deal • A French Mystery • Crown the Queen • Transformation Cards

Goodall c.1845-60 1845

Goodall c.1845-60

Goodall’s earliest cards were traditional in appearance but in around 1845 ‘modernised’ courts were designed

Goodall’s “Historic” Playing Cards 1893

Goodall’s “Historic” Playing Cards

Goodall’s “Historic” Playing Cards depict royal costumes of four periods in English history, 1893.

House of Tudor 2023

House of Tudor

Randy Butterfield's House of Tudor playing cards feature detailed art in a high-quality collectible style.

Jaques’ Illustrated Proverbs 1870

Jaques’ Illustrated Proverbs

Jaques’ Illustrated Proverbs, c.1870. The complete proverb is printed along the top of each card in the set.

Jovial Families

Jovial Families

“Jovial Families” card game published by A. Collier, London, c.1890.

Language of Flowers 1999

Language of Flowers

Language of Flowers by Past Times, c.1999.

Lend Me Five Shillings 1875

Lend Me Five Shillings

Lend Me Five Shillings; or, Her Majesty's Privy Purse by John Jaques & Son, c.1875

Moods & Faces 1900

Moods & Faces

“Moods & Faces” round game by Thos de la Rue & Co Ltd,. c.1900.

Most Laughable Thing on Earth 1870

Most Laughable Thing on Earth

The Most Laughable Thing on Earth, or, A Trip to Paris published by H. G. Clarke & Co., London, c.1870.

Multum in Parvo Co., Ltd

Multum in Parvo Co., Ltd

Multum in Parvo published a range of indoor games during the period from 1884-1927.

Nineteenth Century Pack 1900

Nineteenth Century Pack

A magnificent example of Goodall & Son’s range of chromolithographed Commemorative playing cards from the late nineteenth century..

One Penny Games 1920

One Penny Games

One Penny Card Games, 1920s.

One Penny Games 2 1910

One Penny Games 2

One Penny Card Games, 1900-1910, mostly anonymous 'Snap' games and made in Germany.