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Andrew Dougherty

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13: Some North American Cards

13: Some North American Cards

I deal with some of the US makers in more detail on other pages, but here is a brief introduction.

42: Andrew Dougherty

42: Andrew Dougherty

Andrew Dougherty was one of the biggest American card-makers in the 19th century.

A. Dougherty’s Triplicate Recreation 2014

A. Dougherty’s Triplicate Recreation

A recreated of the original 1876, No. 18, Triplicate deck by A. Dougherty by Michael Scott in 2014.

Andrew Dougherty 1848-1930 1848

Andrew Dougherty 1848-1930

Andrew Dougherty was born in Donegal in Northern Ireland in 1827. He started his playing card business in New York in 1848.

Andrew Dougherty c.1850 1850

Andrew Dougherty c.1850

The idiosyncratic courts used in this deck were used by several other U.S. manufacturers, including Crehore and Hart, and continued into the early 1900s in Faro decks.

Army & Navy

Army & Navy

Andrew Dougherty’s Army & Navy deck from the Civil War era, c.1865.

Bertrand Domec  page 6

Bertrand Domec page 6

Playing Cards imported into Argentina by Casa Bertrand Domec de Fagoaga y Fernández (Sucesores) Bs. As., c.1935-50.

Corner Indices 1864

Corner Indices

Corner Indices were a major innovation in playing card production.

Cruiser Playing Cards 1897

Cruiser Playing Cards

Dougherty's ‘Cruiser No.96’, first published c.1897, was dedicated to the U.S. Navy..



Excelsior 1870


Excelsior by A. Dougherty, c.1870.

Great Mogul Playing Cards 1741

Great Mogul Playing Cards

The origins of the 'Great Mogul' brand playing cards.

Illuminated Playing Cards, c.1865

Illuminated Playing Cards, c.1865

Facsimile edition of Andrew Dougherty's Illuminated deck, c.1865, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc., and described as 'Civil War Illuminated Poker Deck'

Indicator No.50 1894

Indicator No.50

No.50 appears at the bottom of the Ace of Spades and the cards have corner indices and miniature suit symbols in the corners.

Ivorette 1883


Dougherty was at the forefront of innovation, adding Best Bowers and then Jokers, rounded corners and various types of indices, or indicators, to his cards.

Squeezers No.35 1877

Squeezers No.35

By 1877 the New York Consolidated Card Co's "Squeezers" were a great success on account of the indices in the corners which enabled the cards to be fanned.

Tally-Ho 1885


The earliest Ace of Spades had the Centre Street address and the Jolly Joker was used until the “Tally-Ho” Joker was introduced in the early 1900s. The brand has seen only minor variations over the years.

Triplicate No.18 1878

Triplicate No.18

Dougherty first secured a patent for “Triplicates” in 1876, a novel type of indices with a miniature card in the top left-hand corner (and bottom right).

Union Playing Card Co.

Union Playing Card Co.

Not much is known about this early manufacturer who is reckoned to have traded between c.1870s-1890s.