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B. Dondorf


The luxury playing card factory founded in Frankfurt am Main by Bernhard Dondorf in 1833 existed for 100 years.

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Flora 1903


‘Flora’ card game published by C.W. Faulkner, printed by Dondorf, 1903.

Four Continents Patience 1910

Four Continents Patience

Dondorf's 'Four Continents' Patience, c.1910.

Fruits et Légumes 1900

Fruits et Légumes

The beautiful artwork in Dondorf's “Fruits et Légumes” quartet game reminds us of the benefits of natural food.

Fynste Java Speelkaarten 1879

Fynste Java Speelkaarten

Dondorf's "Fynste Java Speelkaarten No.17" was published to commemorate the second marriage of King William III with Princess Emma of Waldeck-Pyrmont, on January 7, 1879.



The Valets in this deck appear in costumes of the Biedermeier period, portraying sentimental and pious poses in keeping with the iconography of traditional German playing card patterns.

Hauptstadte Spiel

Hauptstadte Spiel

Each Ace shows views of two European capital cities.

Hundertjahrkarte 1933


A new ‘medieval look’ is intended to suggest the power and virtue of the German character.

Jägerkarte Nr.465 1930

Jägerkarte Nr.465

Dondorf Jägerkarte Nr. 465 playing cards dedicated to the theme of hunting, c.1930.

Jeu des Fleurs 1900

Jeu des Fleurs

Dondorf no.332: ‘Jeu des Fleurs’ French edition

Kinder-Karte 1870


First published in c.1870, children are presented in these miniature Patience cards disguised as Kings, Queens and Jacks. The Kings' crowns are slightly over-sized for their heads and the children are wearing false beards.

L'Hombre No.60

L'Hombre No.60

Dondorf's “L'Hombre No.60” was manufactured for the Danish firm Adolph Wulff of Copenhagen between c.1910-1930.

La Zoologie

La Zoologie

Dondorf's “La Zoologie” card game no.335 features a collection of 40 chromolithographic prints of species of animals from around the world

Luxus Club Karte No.184 1900

Luxus Club Karte No.184

Another of Dondorf's masterpieces of chromolithography, the detailed artwork on these cards has multiple tints and highlights giving the figures a brilliant, glossy character.

Luxuskarte No.75

Luxuskarte No.75

Stylistically, the deck fits easily into the Dondorf “luxury card” group. The deck has been produced for the Danish firm Adolph Wulff of Copenhagen, also for F. Tilgmann in Helsinki, and a Swedish version by Öberg & Son, Stockholm.

Medicaer Spielkarte No.272

Medicaer Spielkarte No.272

The deck has Italian indices (A, R, D, F) and was probably produced for the Italian market. The four scenic Aces are double-ended and illustrate buildings relevant to the history of the Medici dynasty.

Mittelalter No.150 1889

Mittelalter No.150

These designs imitating late medieval costumes were published by B. Dondorf in Germany in various editions between 1889-1933 as Mittelalter No.150, 151 and 135.

Musikalisches Kartenspiel 2004

Musikalisches Kartenspiel

Facsimile of Dondorf’s “Musikalisches Kartenspiel” (c.1862) published by Lo Scarabeo, 2004

Naipes Finos — No.304 Spanish Pack 1902

Naipes Finos — No.304 Spanish Pack

Spanische Spielkarten "Naipes Finos" No.304, manufactured by B. Dondorf designed by the catalan artist Apel-les Mestres, Barcelona, 1902.

No.10 - Four Corners 1984

No.10 - Four Corners

Karl Gerich was a great admirer of playing cards produced by B. Dondorf and his tenth pack was inspired by Dondorf's “Luxus-Spielkarte Vier-Erdteile” (Four Continents Luxury Playing Cards) designed by Friedrich Karl Hausmann, 1870.