“Naipes Finos” No.304 Spanish Pack

Naipes Finos No.304 manufactured by B. Dondorf, 1902

Spanische Spielkarten “Naipes Finos” No.304 manufactured by B. Dondorf

Designed by the catalan artist Apel-les Mestres, Barcelona, 1902, the designs were also published in Portugal by Costa y Valerio, c.1905. Probably produced mainly for export to Italy, Spain or Spanish colonies in South America, the cards are a relatively close imitation of the standard Spanish pattern but more elaborately decorated and coloured using the chromo-lithographic technique.

Spanische Spielkarten 'Naipes Finos' No.304, manufactured by B. Dondorf, 1902

Above: 48 cards (no joker), printed by chromolithography, gold corners, small indices inside the frames, published 1902 until c.1930. Images courtesy José Manuel Murcia.

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