La Zoologie

Dondorf: “La Zoologie” no.335

a gallery of zoological prints of species from around the world...

Above: Dondorf's “La Zoologie” no.335 is an informative and edifying card game featuring a collection of 40 species of animals from around the world, including quadrupeds, rodents, reptiles and amphibians, plus a selection of fish, butterflies and birds of prey. In the spirit of late 19th century study of natural history, the animals are given their latin names as well as grouped into zoological families. It is of course these sets which make the game suitable to play “Happy Families” or Quartets, as well as imparting the basics of scientific zoology in accordance with Darwin's theories. Hence on the title card (right) we read: “Jeu de société récréatif et instructif”. See the box.

Images courtesy Rex Pitts.

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