The Most Popular Card Games in Casinos

Card games are popular because they’re engaging, and players love both an online blackjack in Canada and games in real gambling establishments. Yet, most gamblers choose particular games, and here are the most popular of them.

Above: Live baccarat is one of the most exciting casino games.


Baccarat is one of the most popular card games in real and online casinos. Over the centuries of its history, it had to form several subspecies of Baccarat, different in the number of cards in the game, the rules of the prize and some other details.

This diversity is not a hindrance to start the game. The entry threshold in Baccarat even for the novice player is very low - no matter how different depending on the type of baccarat rules, they are always easy to remember and lend themselves to logic. The goal of the game, too, is always the same: to guess who will win by betting on a draw, a player win or a dealer win.

In baccarat, players should score as many points as possible. All participants are given two cards each. They are not hidden, and by default they are visible to everyone. Depending on the face value, points are calculated. The most winning option is if you collect 9. The ace counts as 1, and the cards with numbers count according to the number. The ideal win is ace + 8, 9 + picture, 6 + 3, etc. Two-digit numbers are simplified - the first digit is removed. So, if a player scores 12, he gets 2 points, and if 10 - zero. If none of the participants scored a nine, the indicator closest to it is considered to be the winning one. But points can be scored using a third card. Go here to learn more about the rules.

Above: Blackjack is one of the most popular casino table games that you can play online.


Blackjack is one of the most common games in online casinos. Its popularity is based on fairly simple rules and the ability to quickly get the coveted winnings. However, one successful session is not the final goal of this gambler. It is important to develop a scheme of the game, in which success will accompany the player consistently.

Unlike a real gambling hall, where several players gather around the same table, virtual blackjack is a duel between a gambler and a soulless machine. The principles of psychology do not work here; it is impossible to copy the dealer’s behavior and it is impossible to choose the most successful place at the table.

The goal of the game is to beat the dealer in one of the following 2 ways:

    ● To score more points than the dealer, but not more than 21 points
    ● To allow the dealer to score more than 21 points, while not allowing an overkill in his hand.

If the player receives more than 21 points, it is called a bust, and the player wins, regardless of who the dealer is.

The dealer is considered to be the winning side regardless of his hand. The same applies to the dealer. If the player finishes his set of cards and gets 21 points or less and the dealer gets more than 21, he wins.

If both the dealer and the player have an equal number of points, a tie is awarded and the player gets his bet back.

If neither the dealer nor the player has a bust, the one whose hand contains more points wins.

Blackjack rules are simple, but it’s better to learn more about them. To learn more, visit this site


These days playing poker has become fashionable and prestigious. It forces people to read books and internet sites on the theory of the game in order to compete in skill with the opponent and become the best! Internet poker is becoming increasingly popular.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker differs from classic poker in that participants play against the dealer, not each other. Fifty-two cards plus one joker are used. The dealer deals 7 cards to everyone and himself, of course. Everyone looks at their cards and chooses the top 5 that make up the best combination and the bottom 2. hen they lay them out in the open in a certain order. The dealer is the last to open the cards, after which the combinations are compared. Players win if at least 2 hands are superior, if only one, then a draw is declared. Combinations of cards are the same as in poker.

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