Fortune Telling Deck, c.1818

Detail from Fortune Telling Deck by Industrie Comptoir, Leipzig c.1818

German-suited Fortune Telling deck by Industrie Comptoir, Leipzig (Germany) c.1818, 36 cards. Inscriptions in German and Polish.

These are an interesting alternative to the more common ‘Madame Lenormand’ or ‘Book of Fate’ cartomancy cards, with a different repertoire of images. They differ from the typical French ones, of course, in that there are no miniature playing cards inside the design, but instead the German suit symbols.

Fortune Telling Deck by Industrie Comptoir, Leipzig c.1818

Above: Fortune Telling deck by Industrie Comptoir, Leipzig c.1818. Saxonian tax stamp (1819 - 1834) on the Seven of Bells. Printed by lithography 36 cards. Similar decks were made by Backofen in Nürnberg and Knaut in Weimar   From the collection of Klaus-Jürgen Schultz •

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