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"Jason Ennis was a self trained artist. He was very serious when it came to his art. His interests lay in many fields but especially the Occult and Mysticism.

Jason sought to understand man's nature, his powers and abilities."

[Stephen Ennis, September 1999].



"The Advanced Arcanum cards which my brother created were designed to be more accurate than the tarot. The whole deck numbers about 40 cards. They are quite unique, as was my brother."   Through personal suffering and purgatory, the soul rids itself of accumulated sins and ignorance, gradually moving towards the light and the way of illumination.



The Hunt

The Hunt



Dark - Black square. Hurt, hindering, chaos. The entering of the black phase. The anger at entering this phase. Anger at having something removed (Light) to cause this void. Let the anger go.

The Hunt - Red Triangle. The constant search for an object or more deeply an ideal. Without 'The Hunt' there is no forward motion. A wish.

Masks - Orange Mask. The use of the mask by oneself or one entering the sphere. Not lies but hiding. Be careful of hidden thoughts and feelings for the true face is not shown.







Mirror - Black Mirror, Gemini symbol. To see oneself. A need to learn more about oneself and delve into dreams, visions and insights. Gemini - the duality of the self "look further than the face".

Obstacle - Gate with orange bars. An obstacle or blockage on the path.

Strength - Three blue lines. Victory after struggle, strength and triumph. Mars, iron, all weapons, inner resolve and steel. "I am your defense".


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Rider Waite Tarot early editions

Rider Waite Tarot early editions

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