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Roddy started collecting stamps on his 8th birthday. In 1977 he joined the newly formed playing-card department at Stanley Gibbons in London before setting up his own business in Edinburgh four years later. His collecting interests include playing cards, postcards, stamps (especially playing cards on stamps) and sugar wrappers. He is a Past President of the Scottish Philatelic Society, a former Chairman of the IPCS, a Past Master of the Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards and Curator of the WCMPC’s collection of playing cards. He lives near Toulouse in France.

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1977 The New Game of Tarot (or Tarock)

The New Game of Tarot (or Tarock)

Regional costumes and alpine flora on a French Tarot game pack marking 600 years of playing cards in Europe.

1997 Jeu des Chats

Jeu des Chats

Eighteen different cat breeds drawn by Marie-France Gary.

1984 Les Moyens de Locomotion Insolites

Les Moyens de Locomotion Insolites

Unlikely, ridiculous or just plain impossible means of transport, drawn by Hubert Rublon.

1993 Mexican Artdeck

Mexican Artdeck

Works by 14 different 20th century Mexican artists.

1950 Chandelier No. 55 (Nintendo)

Chandelier No. 55 (Nintendo)

Standard international pattern playing cards made in occupied Japan, c.1950.

1985 Pierre Etaix

Pierre Etaix

Colourful, stylised courts designed by the French clown, comedian and filmmaker, Pierre Etaix.

1960 Clavecin


Courts in 18th century costume, with designs by F.R. Gabiraud.

1988 Velux International

Velux International

Publicity pack for the Danish company, Velux, manufacturers of roof windows and skylights.

2005 Modet Sardegna

Modet Sardegna

Costumes, masks and symbols from the island of Sardinia, with designs by Luciano Dettori and Tonino Caputo.

1989 Le Jeu des 4 Opéras

Le Jeu des 4 Opéras

Characters from five famous operas brought alive in artist Silvia Maddonni’s inimitable style.

1989 Jeu de la Révolution

Jeu de la Révolution

Artist Silvia Maddonni’s take on various characters from the French Revolution, in honour of the bicentenary in 1989.

1988 ZPA Trutnov

ZPA Trutnov

Publicity pack for a Czech company making mains receivers and electrical control units.

1988 Jan Becher playing cards

Jan Becher playing cards

Publicity pack for Jan Becher, a Czech liqueur company, with modified international courts.

1991 Schwyzer Fasnachts-Jass

Schwyzer Fasnachts-Jass

Traditional carnival figures from the Swiss canton Schwyz, as interpreted by the artist Léon Schnyder.

1991 Joker Tell

Joker Tell

Comic celebration of 700 years of the Swiss Confederation, 1291-1991, with designs by Roland Gazzotti.

1994 Old Bachelor™

Old Bachelor™

The 90’s version of Old Maid with illustrations by Susan Wise.

1979 Swiss Souvenir

Swiss Souvenir

55 different scenic photographic views of Switzerland.

1950 Standard Swiss-German pattern (single-ended)

Standard Swiss-German pattern (single-ended)

20th century version of a single-ended Swiss-German pattern pack for the game of Jass.

1910 Genevan Dauphiné pattern

Genevan Dauphiné pattern

Unusual example of a double-ended Genevan Dauphiné pattern pack from c1910.

1974 Mini Jass

Mini Jass

Pocket-size cards with modern designs for playing the Swiss national card game, Jass.

1991 La Compagnie de 1602

La Compagnie de 1602

Characters from the annual festival held to commemorate the failed attempt to storm Geneva in 1602.

1990 New Musical Express

New Musical Express

54 black and white photographs of solo singers, duos and groups popular around 1990.

2018 France, Champions du Monde 2018

France, Champions du Monde 2018

Colour photographs of the World Cup-winning French football squad of 2018.

2002 Guildhall Art Gallery playing cards

Guildhall Art Gallery playing cards

54 different paintings from the collection of the Guildhall Art Gallery, London.

1999 The Fat Pack

The Fat Pack

A vastly expanded pack with 8 suits for playing traditional or new games, devised by Roger Howard Butler Clough.

2003 Ancient Egypt playing cards

Ancient Egypt playing cards

Fully illustrated set of cards depicting various aspects of Ancient Egyptian life and culture.

1985 Baraja Canaria

Baraja Canaria

Comic courts and non-standard suits representing the Canary Islands, with designs by Eduardo Millares Sall.

1988 Festa Major de Vilafranca 1988

Festa Major de Vilafranca 1988

Colourful figures associated with the annual festival held in Vilafranca, Catalonia.

1972 Loco Jumbo playing cards

Loco Jumbo playing cards

54 different colour photographs of steam locomotives from around the world.

1980 Haig Whisky

Haig Whisky

Japanese advertising pack for Haig Scotch whisky with modified international courts.

1971 Kawasaki Trump

Kawasaki Trump

Humorous publicity pack for Kawasaki featuring some of their many products.

1970 Maxim playing cards

Maxim playing cards

Publicity pack from Nintendo for Maxim freeze dried coffee.

1969 Ukiyo-E (Nintendo)

Ukiyo-E (Nintendo)

Classic examples of Ukiyo-E painting.

2006 Les Ordres de Chevalerie

Les Ordres de Chevalerie

Six orders of chivalry represented pictorially by the artist Patrick Dallanégra.

1962 Le Burling

Le Burling

1960s pack from Annecy with non-standard suits all connected with the office.

1980 Ethiopian playing cards

Ethiopian playing cards

A pack with court cards reflecting different ethnic and cultural groups found in Ethiopia.

1979 Gruppo Perotti playing cards

Gruppo Perotti playing cards

Stunningly beautiful designs by the Japanese artist Tiger Tateishi for Gruppo Perotti.

1981 Ilford playing cards

Ilford playing cards

Colourful advertising pack for Ilford designed by Mario Grasso, based on standard English courts.

1991 SCANIA 1891-1991

SCANIA 1891-1991

Centenary playing cards illustrating vintage trucks and buses produced by the Swedish company Scania.

2001 Euro Playing Cards

Euro Playing Cards

New euro banknotes and coins from several countries on circular cards.

1998 Magic: The Gathering® Poker Decks

Magic: The Gathering® Poker Decks

A pair of suited packs with artwork from Magic: The Gathering trading cards.

1982 Imperial Club playing cards

Imperial Club playing cards

Large index broad size cards by AGMüller using a special red ink suitable for casinos.

1915 Maquettes for an unpublished WWI pack

Maquettes for an unpublished WWI pack

Original designs depicting leaders and allegories from Russia, France, Great Britain and Belgium.

1997 Bohemia Moravia

Bohemia Moravia

Historical figures from Bohemia and Moravia in Piatnik’s traditional style.

1998 Jeu de 7 Familles France 98

Jeu de 7 Familles France 98

Families card game with comic designs featuring seven of the teams competing in the 1998 World Cup.

1996 Jackspack Royal Navy Playing Cards

Jackspack Royal Navy Playing Cards

54 humorous illustrations of Royal Navy characters and Navy slang.

1995 Le Jeu de Marseille (Vigno)

Le Jeu de Marseille (Vigno)

Amusing depiction of characters whom you might meet in the city and port of Marseille, as created by Anne Le Dantec.

1994 Vues de Monaco-Monte Carlo

Vues de Monaco-Monte Carlo

Souvenir pack with 54 different views of Monaco, especially Monte Carlo.

1994 Visite de Saint Tropez

Visite de Saint Tropez

Souvenir pack with 54 different views of Saint Tropez.

1994 Le tour de la Corse en photos

Le tour de la Corse en photos

Souvenir pack with 55 different views of Corsica.

1993 Golf Playing Cards

Golf Playing Cards

Humorous designs and non-standard pips poking fun at golf and golfers.