Zoo Comics

Zoo Comics by Litografía Ferri, 1968

Collectible playing cards inserted into products such as tea, chocolate or tobacco had their hey-day from the end of the 19th century until the second world war, with superb chromolithography printing. These children’s playing cards produced in Spain in the late 1960s follow the same spirit with the traditional suit symbols and figures replaced by fruits and cartoon characters, commendable for promoting healthy eating!

Zoo Comics animated playing cards by Litografia Ferri, 1968

Above: "ZOO COMICS" animated playing cards made by Litografía Ferri, Valencia (Spain), first published in 1968 and reprinted in 1986. The traditional Spanish suit symbols have been replaced with oranges, hop blossoms, bananas and aubergines whilst small animals such as chipmunks, cats, monkeys and mice cavort around. The 'Sotas' ride scooters. There has been more than one edition of this superbly designed pack, with different jokers, and also with advertising on the reverse (e.g. Productos Chirruca).

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