Bonnie Blue's Rummy Cards

Bonnie Blue's Rummy Cards

Queen Ace King Queen
Mother Nature

These cards are primarily designed for the 4 rummy games in the booklet called 10,000 Rummy: Sublime Rummy  by Jim Davidson in which 52 or 104 cards are used. In this card deck, princesses replace jacks, and Mother Natures are added instead of jokers. Mother Natures don't have indexes since they are primarily designed as replacement cards in case any other cards get damaged or lost. For the aces, the single suits in the middle of the cards are fairly large since they are primarily designed for the 4 rummy games mentioned earlier where aces are almost always worth a lot of points. The author says: "with the 3rd and 4th games it looks really beautiful when there are a lot of cards melded all over a carpet or table".

10 Princess




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