Bridge Challenger

Bridge Challenger playing cards accompanied the hand-held electronic game Bridge Challenger Model BRC manufactured by Fidelity Electronics in the USA during the 1970s & 80s. It was a high quality game packaged in an attaché case for the serious player and these playing cards, manufactured by TDC Inc., were included in the case.

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The bar codes on the faces of the cards are so the machine can read the cards. The game also has a voice synthesizer and can speak the card names. Clever stuff.

“Bridge Challenger” by Fidelity Electronics, 1975 “Bridge Challenger” by Fidelity Electronics, 1975

Above: “Bridge Challenger” playing cards produced for Fidelity Electronics by Trend Development Corporation (TDC) Inc., after 1975. Images courtesy Matt Probert.

Souvenir of Space Shuttle Kennedy Space Center by TDC Inc. See the Box

Souvenir of Space Shuttle Kennedy Space Center by TDC Inc, c.1981 Standard court cards by TDC, c.1981

Above: Souvenir of Space Shuttle Kennedy Space Center showing standard courts by TDC Inc., c.1981. The first Space Shuttle launch was in April 1981 so TDC Inc appears to have continued production until this time. Images courtesy Matt Probert.

In 1979 TDC Inc was absorbed by Brown & Bigelow, then owned by Saxon Industries, and incorporated into Hoyle Products


Cooper, Michael: TDC Inc.: a 20th century American Playing Card Maker, in The Playing-Card Vol.47 No.4, Apr-Jun 2019, pp208-216  online here

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