Naipes Tiburón - Flaiban y Camilloni

Flaiban y Camilloni Ltda, Buenos Aires 1936-41

In 1930 E. Flaiban merged with Camilo Camilloni to become Flaiban y Camilloni Ltda. Playing cards were first produced in 1936: registered brands include "Tiburón", "Patito" & "Tela de Araña". Some brands were also sold in neighbouring Uruguay. The military coup of 1941 destabilised business, and the alliance was wound down in 1942.

Flaiban y Camilloni, c.1936, Naipes Tiburón Flaiban y Camilloni, c.1936, Tela de Araña

Thanks to Diego Flaiban for information about E. Flaiban.

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