Naipes Parliament por Caloi

Carlos Loiseau

(1948 - 2012)

Carlos Loiseau, better known as ‘Caloi’, was a cartoonist and creator of the famous comic strip character 'Clemente'. Caloi published more than 40 books and won dozens of awards. His playing card designs with cartoon faces for Parliament Cigarettes were first published in the early 1970s. In 2009 Caloi was named Illustrious Citizen of Bs. Aires, cited “for his capacity to bring down the barriers of printed humour to become a symbol of all Argentines.”

Carlos Loiseau, Caloi, pertenece a la generación de humoristas argentinos que conectaron una visión universal de la vida con la inmediatez local para hacer más digerible y soportable la realidad. En 1969/70/71 y 1977/78 realiza la campaña de los cigarrillos "PARLIAMENT" con dibujos que se publican en distintos diarios y revistas de todo el país, en afiches, murales, cortos animados de TV y barajas de naipes.

Naipes Parliament by Caloi, 1977

Above: special 'El Heraldo' pack designed by ‘Caloi’ for Cigarrillos "PARLIAMENT", manufactured by Cia Gral Fabril Financiera, Iriarte 2035, Buenos Aires, c.1977. The court cards are smoking cigarettes, and have funny expressions. The reverse has the Parliament cigarette logo.

Naipes Parliament by Caloi, 1977
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