Juegos Victoria | Juguetes Royal

Juegos Victoria - Juguetes Royal - Argentina

Juegos Victoria – Juguetes Royal – were publishers of children’s card games in Argentina during the 1960s and ’70s.

Yetatore, 1968

Above: ‘Yetatore’, a 40-card game with numerals 1-10 in each suit, 1968. ‘Yetatore’ means the bringer of bad luck and players seek to avoid this card. The 8 of clubs has the green ‘Marianne’ tax stamp and the brown 10 pesos tax band (below) corresponds to Ley 17,196 (1967-68).

10 pesos tax band corresponding to Ley 17,196 (1967-68)

“Soy un Burrito” or “I am a Donkey” card game

“Soy un Burrito”, c.1970

Above: “Soy un Burrito” children’s matching game, c.1970.

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