L. P. Holmblad - Denmark

L. P. Holmblad c.1850

Cards from c.1850 by L. P. Holmblad showing fantasy historical Danish Kings and Queens. The original artwork for the Jack of spades (shown right) shows ‘Holger Danske’ as a young man clad in armour holding a double-handed sword. The four Kings are named: Gorm den Gamle, Knud den Store (1018-1035), Erik Ejegod (1055-1103) and Valdemar Sejr (1202-1241) and their respective Queens: Thyra Danebod, Emma, Bothilde (Bodil) and Dagmar. The Jacks are either mythical or real characters from Danish history: Holger Danske, Palnatoke, Esbern Snare and Uffe hin Spage.

Danish historical playing cards, L. P. Holmblad, c.1850

Above: Holmblad's deck with historical courts, c.1850. The deck has never been reprinted by any of Holmblad's successors.


Jensen, K. Frank: Royalty on Danish Playing Cards, The Playing-Card vol.32 no.1, IPCS, July-Aug 2003.

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