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Rummy No.210 1934

Rummy No.210

Period cartoon images from the 1930s. The Kings are in fancy dress ready to party, the Queens appear ready for socialising whilst the Jacks are already on the go.

Salzburg Souvenir 2015

Salzburg Souvenir

A souvenir pack with just one view – on the back!

Salzburger Pattern

Salzburger Pattern

Salzburger pattern by Ferd. Piatnik & Söhne, Vienna

Schwarzer Peter mit Hundebildern 1960

Schwarzer Peter mit Hundebildern

Humorous dog-themed Black Peter game illustrated by Willy Mayrl, c.1960.

Schwarzer Peter no.964 1910

Schwarzer Peter no.964

Schwarzer Peter no.964 published by Josef Hohlweg, Vienna, early 20th century.

Shakespeare by Piatnik 1967

Shakespeare by Piatnik

‘Shakespeare’ playing cards by Piatnik designed by the British actor Donald Burton.

Soldaten Tarock 1918

Soldaten Tarock

Piatnik was known for their magnificent quality of chromo-lithographic printing, and this facsimile, or reprint, of “Soldaten Tarock No. 217” is virtually as magnificent as the original.

Tarock Cards

Tarock Cards

The earliest Tarot decks originated in Italy in the fifteenth century, with Italian suit symbols. However the game was very popular elsewhere and tarots with French suit signs, usually called "tarok" or "tarock", appeared around 1750 which are now mainly produced in Austria.

Tarok c.1900 1905

Tarok c.1900

Piatnik & Söhne “Industrie und Glück” Tarok c.1905-1910.

Tarot of Musterberg

Tarot of Musterberg

Designed by Cesare Asaro to simulate decks from the 1700s or earlier, the Tarot of Musterberg is based on the traditional Tarot de Marseille but with an imaginary historical background.

Tell Wilmoś 1860

Tell Wilmoś

Facsimile of ‘Wilhelm Tell’ Hungarian deck by Salamon Antal, Keczkemét, 1860.

Tops and Tails 1955

Tops and Tails

‘Sports Tops and Tails’ No.290 manufactured by Ferd Piatnik & Sons, Vienna, c.1950s.

Trappola pack by Anton Herrl

Trappola pack by Anton Herrl

Trappola pack of 36 double-ended cards published by Anton Herrl, Graz, Austria.

Trappola pack by Joseph Fetscher 1739

Trappola pack by Joseph Fetscher

Trappola pack published by Joseph Fetscher, Graz, 1739.

Tyrolean Playing Cards 1878

Tyrolean Playing Cards

Facsimile of patriotic 1878 Tyrolean playing cards published by Piatnik in 1992.

Vienna (ex-Lyon) pattern

Vienna (ex-Lyon) pattern

‘Vienna pattern’ derived from archaic Lyon pattern by Ferd Piatnik & Söhne A.G., c.1926-1934.

Vienna Melange 1998

Vienna Melange

“Vienna Melange” Playing Cards by Piatnik with a historical feel representing the four races that make up the cultural background of Vienna.

Vincenz Raimund Grüner 1809 1809

Vincenz Raimund Grüner 1809

Transformation cards designed and engraved by Vincenz Raimund Grüner, Vienna, 1809

Waisenfond 1916


Intended to attract donations on behalf of the Imperial Royal Austrian Military Widows’ and Orphans’ Fund, this elegant and refined deck was designed by Nellie Stern. The deck was printed by Ferdinand Piatnik & Söhne, Vienna in 1916.

Wiener pattern

Wiener pattern

The Vienna pattern, or Wiener Bild, is a distant relative of the early Lyons pattern. The King of Hearts carries a scroll in his hand.