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Playing cards first arrived in England during the 15th century, but none have survived from such an early date.

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When three brands merge... 1962

When three brands merge...

After De la Rue factories were bombed in 1940 their cards were printed by Waddingtons. In 1962 Waddingtons and De la Rue combined forces to form the Amalgamated Playing Card Co.

Whist marker boxes

Whist marker boxes

The Camden Whist marker was being advertised by Goodall and son in 1872 as a new product.

Whist writers and pseudonyms

Whist writers and pseudonyms

Why did so many early writers about whist and other card games feel the need to write under a pseudonym?

Whitman card games 1970

Whitman card games

In the 1970s Whitman Publishing Co. ordered a series of popular games from Hong Kong for the UK market.

Who Buys? 1890

Who Buys?

Who Buys? by Multum in Parvo Company, c.1890.

Who Knows? 1900

Who Knows?

Who Knows? game of questions and answers produced by Adolf Sala Games, Berlin, c.1900.

Who’s Who 1939

Who’s Who

Who’s Who or Food for Thought, a wartime card game, c.1939.

Whot 1935


Whot was invented by William Henry Storey in 1935. It comes from the days when friends and family played indoor games by the fireside.

Why do we Collect?  My 20 Favourite Items

Why do we Collect? My 20 Favourite Items

I suppose people collect for different reasons, rarity, quality, ingenuity of design, sentimental value... by Tony Hall.

Whyte & Mackay Lucky Lions 2017

Whyte & Mackay Lucky Lions

Whyte & Mackay Lucky Lions playing cards, United Kingdom, 2017

Wiggins Teape “Hi-Speed” playing cards 1970

Wiggins Teape “Hi-Speed” playing cards

Wiggins Teape “Hi-Speed” playing cards manufactured by Waddingtons, c.1970.

Wild Flower Sevens 1960

Wild Flower Sevens

Wild Flower Sevens card game by Pepys Games (Castell Bros Ltd), c.1960.

Wild West 1963

Wild West

Wild West card game published by Pepys, 1963.

Wild! by Peter Wood

Wild! by Peter Wood

Wild! by Peter Wood.

Will’s Cigarettes and Auction Bridge 1926

Will’s Cigarettes and Auction Bridge

In 1926 Will’s issued a set of 25 cigarette cards on Auction Bridge, presenting a range of hands illustrating various circumstances in play.

William Warter 1698

William Warter

William Warter's Proverbial Cards, which carry illustrations of old English proverbs, were first published in 1698.

Wills 200th Anniversary

Wills 200th Anniversary

Double pack commemorating the 200th anniversary of W.D & H.O. Wills Ltd, 1786 - 1986.

Wills Scheme 1933

Wills Scheme

The W.D & H.O. Wills Playing Card promotion of the early 1930s

Wills Scheme page 2

Wills Scheme page 2

W.D & H.O.Wills Playing Card scheme page 2

Wills’s Happy Families game 1930

Wills’s Happy Families game

Wills’s “Happy Families” cards were issued by the Imperial Tobacco Company (of Great Britain and Ireland) Limited in around 1930.