Wild West

Wild West card game was published by Pepys in 1963, a good old fashioned game in which cowboys and sheriffs fight against outlaws. The game is based on an original idea by Brian Tucknutt with the working title “Gunfight” but Pepys (Castell Brothers) opted for “Wild West”.

The Cowboy cards are numbered in blue. Hold-up cards have green numbering in a yellow circle. Outlaw cards have 2 numbers, red and green. The Sheriff card has a star. The object of the game is to win cards with green numbers, namely Outlaw or Hold-up cards, which are then counted at the end. See the Rules

Wild West card game published by Pepys, 1963 Wild West card game published by Pepys, 1963

Above: Wild West card game published by Pepys (Castell Brothers Ltd), 1963.

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