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About Georgina Harvey

About Georgina Harvey

Georgina Harvey worked together with Karl Gerich.

About Karl Gerich (1956-2016)

About Karl Gerich (1956-2016)

About Karl Alexander Gerich, 23rd April 1956 — 4th January 2016

Cartes Turques 1985

Cartes Turques

"Cartes Turques" was published in 1985. Intricate designs with a hint of orientalism, double borders and distinctive pips.

Cartes Turques Patience 1991

Cartes Turques Patience

Derived from “Cartes Turques” first made by Glanz, then later by van Genechten, Brepols & Piatnik. 3 double-ended dragon Aces and one Adam/Eve Ace with a coiled serpent.

Cosi Fan Tutte 1994

Cosi Fan Tutte

Cosi Fan Tutte was published in 1994 and is based on Mozart's opera. The pips (heart-shaped locket, magnet, marriage contract and poison bottle) are key objects in the development of the operatic plot.

Deutche Karten 1982

Deutche Karten

Karl Gerich's ‘Deutche Karten’ playing cards No.9, printed from copperplate etchings.

EPCS August 1992 Newsletter

EPCS August 1992 Newsletter Members Only

Cutty Sark • 50th Anniversary of the Award of the George Cross to the Island of Malta • W.D. & H.O. Will • Harry Lauder Snap • ABC Happy Families by Spears • Tower of London • Clan Tartan • EPCS 10th Anniversary Transformation Pack • Karl Gerich • HARP Beer Mat

EPCS August 1993 Newsletter

EPCS August 1993 Newsletter Members Only

Mercury • Wrigley's Chewing Gum • Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Game • Scottish Clan Tartan • The Card & Dice Office Evasion of Stamp Duty • 10th Anniversary Transformation Pack • Karl Gerich • Willis & Co • Globe Series

EPCS February 1994 Newsletter

EPCS February 1994 Newsletter Members Only

BONZO • George Ernest Study • De La Rue • Advertising • Happy Families • John Jaques • Worshipful Company Pack 1993 • Wills's Bridge • Goodall's Historic Series • Nursery Land • Film Star Packs • Hollywood Greats • Telley Tea • Beer Bottle Labels • Karl Gerich

EPCS November 1992 Newsletter

EPCS November 1992 Newsletter Members Only

50th Anniversary of the Battle of El Alamein • Happy Families • Karl Gerich Transformation Pack • W.D & W.O. Wills • Star Cigarettes • Famous Five • 350th Anniversary of the English Civil War • Isle of Man Packs • J. Welch • Mr Boot Marches On • Friends of the Earth

EPCS November 1996 Newsletter

EPCS November 1996 Newsletter Members Only

Cinderella and Prince Charming • Pantomime • Isle of Man • Rapide Printing • Denny Brothers [Denbro] • WWII • Boddingtons Bitter • Peerless • James English • Jolly Families • Lady Charlotte Schreiber [1812-1895] • Question of Duty • Battleships • Nell Gwyn • Bath Pack • Regency Pack • Porcelain • Goodall's Card Games

EPCS Transformation 1993

EPCS Transformation

The English Playing Card Society's 10th Anniversary Transformation Playing Cards designed and produced by Karl Gerich, 1993.

Ganesh 1992


Karl's ‘Ganesh’ pack has the four Aces with the suit sign in a circle decorated with flowers and double-ended courts in Indian dress.

Karl Gerich

Karl Gerich

Karl Gerich's interest in playing-card production came to the fore while studying at Bath Academy of Art from 1975. Karl produced a unique range of hand-made playing cards during the period 1980-1998.

Karl Gerich No. 25: “Great Mogul” 1988

Karl Gerich No. 25: “Great Mogul”

'Great Mogul' branded playing cards designed and produced by Karl Gerich.

Karl Gerich No.1 1982

Karl Gerich No.1

The first entry in the catalogue, dating from c.1982, shows full-length figures with their symbols of office (mace, orb, halberd, sword, flower, etc.) after the early English style.

Karl Gerich No.12 1991

Karl Gerich No.12

Karl Gerich's 12th deck is titled “Rheinland Playing Cards” and was published in 1991. lt is derived from Dondorf's Rhineland pattern, which was first published in the 1870s.

Karl Gerich No.16: “Patience Indien” 1991

Karl Gerich No.16: “Patience Indien”

Karl Gerich's “Patience Indien No.16”, published in 1991, is adapted from Grimaud's “Whist Indienne” (c.1900). The double-ended courts are dressed in Arab garb.

Karl Gerich No.19

Karl Gerich No.19

An unpublished design by Karl Gerich showing 12 court cards, a Joker and two additional cards produced from an etching. The number '19' can be seen inside the star on the title card.

Karl Gerich No.20: Rouennais A 1990

Karl Gerich No.20: Rouennais A

The Aces are decorated with the pip in a central circle and two different figures at each end of the card. The courts are lavishly illustrated.