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Georgina Harvey worked together with Karl Gerich (see main Gallery), and they published their work under the name of "Victoria Playing Cards".  During their alliance, Georgina designed three packs of playing cards which were then engraved and printed by Karl.

Georgina's first pack, "No.29", is shown here:

Victoria Playing Cards No.29 designed by Georgina Harvey (1988)

Above: hand coloured proof sheet of Georgina Harvey's first pack designed during her alliance with Karl Gerich, in 1988. Printed from copperplate etching onto Daler Ford cover paper, pasted onto a second sheet, pressed, coloured and varnished. On the reverse, a salmon wash. All of Georgina's playing cards are characterised by their gentle, flowing lines and graceful design. In the example illustrated here, the courts show men and women engaged in country crafts. Karl's distinctive star and moon logo, and two tigers ('Los Dos Tigres') is featured on the title card.

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