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Change for a Shilling 1910

Change for a Shilling

Change for a Shilling card game by Geo. Wright & Co., London, c.1910-1926.

Change for a Sovereign

Change for a Sovereign

Change for a Sovereign published by J Evans & Sons and printed by Kronheim & Co.

Contraband 1950


Contraband by Pepys Games was first published in early 1950s.

EPCS August 1995 Newsletter

EPCS August 1995 Newsletter Members Only

Peace and Liberation VJ DAY 1945-1995 • John Jaques & Son 1795-1995 Bicentenary • WWII • Royals • Guinness • Bank of England • Snap • W.H. Willis • Battleships • Musical • Battle of Waterloo • R.J. Mitchell • Hignett Bros Cigarettes • John Dewar • Shakespearean

EPCS February 2003 Newsletter

EPCS February 2003 Newsletter Members Only

Waddington Catalogue • Poets at the Card Table • Hindooy • White Witchcraft • New Transformation Cards • Cavalier Cards • See-through Pack • James Bond 007 • West Piggy Bank • Millennium Dome Souvenir • Fassett No-Revoke Pack • Zodiac Pack • Romany Fortune Telling Book • Decorative Items • Plastic Cards DLR • Picasso & Waddington • Cards, Words & Music • Rhyme Without Reason • Patience Books • PAK & Sovereign Guardsman • Imitation Goodall • William Mitchell (Brewer)

EPCS October 2003 Newsletter

EPCS October 2003 Newsletter Members Only

Essence of the Law • Waddington Catalogue • Wandsworth • Picart Le Doux & De La Rue • Cards In Art (part 1) • Shop Window (DLR) • Secondary Use • Axis of Weasels • Regime Change • Regime Change Begins At Home • Crested Packs Revisited • Enhist Pack • Lumley Model Agency • Trump Indicators (Butlers) • Postcards (Kaplan) • Napoleonic Boxes/Poets at the Card Table • Variations – Animal Snap • W. F Rock • Cupid’s Conversionist • Figures of Fun • Historical Pope Joan

Euro Playing Cards 2001

Euro Playing Cards

New euro banknotes and coins from several countries on circular cards.



Eurotrotter by La Ducale, c.1980s.

Lend Me Five Shillings 1875

Lend Me Five Shillings

or “Her Majesty’s Privy Purse” - a merry round-the-table game published by D. Ogilvy.

Malaya 1941-1942: King George VI currency notes

Malaya 1941-1942: King George VI currency notes

Playing cards featuring King George VI Currency Notes, Malaya 1941-1942.

Notgeld - Emergen¢y Money

Notgeld - Emergen¢y Money

Notgeld - Emergency Money - was in rare cases issued on playing cards.

Olsen Smygvänliga

Olsen Smygvänliga

Olsen Spelkort Smygvänliga - Swedish pattern made by F.X. Schmid for Olsen

Original Skatgeld der Stadt Altenburg

Original Skatgeld der Stadt Altenburg

“Original Skatgeld der Stadt Altenburg” featuring the emergency money of 1921 designed by Otto Pech

Salakuljettaja Smugglaren 1958

Salakuljettaja Smugglaren

Salakuljettaja Smugglaren is the Scandinavian version of Pepys’ “Contraband” published by Förlag Bildkonst, 1958.

Shearing the Sheep 1875

Shearing the Sheep

Shearing the Sheep published by J. Jaques & Son, c.1875.

Snip Snap 1968

Snip Snap

Decimal Snap created by Eric Wagstaff, published by Michael Stanfield Holdings, London 1968.

Stocks & Shares 1957

Stocks & Shares

Stocks & Shares card game first published by Pepys Games in 1957.

Stop! I forbid the Sale!

Stop! I forbid the Sale!

“Stop! I forbid the Sale!” card game published by H.P. Gibson & Sons Ltd, c.1939.

Sum-it Card Game 1935

Sum-it Card Game

‘Sum-it’ Card Game published by Sum-It Card Games Ltd. c.1935.

Win-A-Lot 1951


Win-A-Lot card game by Pepys, first issued in 1951.