Salakuljettaja Smugglaren

Scandinavian Edition of Pepys’ “Contraband”

Published by Forlag Bildkonst, 1958. “Salakuljettaja Smugglaren” translates as the word “smuggler” in Finnish and Swedish.

Scandinavian edition of Pepys’ “Contraband”, c.1958
Scandinavian edition of Pepys’ “Contraband”, c.1958 Scandinavian edition of Pepys’ “Contraband”, c.1958

Above: Scandinavian edition of Pepys’ “Contraband” published by Forlag Bildkonst, c.1958. The duty and fine values are the same as the third UK edition. All references to “Pepys” have been removed and the publisher Forlag Bildkonst is mentioned on the box and in the rules leaflet.

The box is of a completely different construction to the Pepys versions and has the name of the Finnish box maker printed on it. The backs are also different. The cards, however, are the same quality as the English ones so may well have been specially printed by Alf Cooke (who printed most of the Pepys games at this time) for Scandinavia.

Published by Forlag Bildkonst, 1958


All images from the collection of Rex Pitts.

Scandinavian edition of Pepys’ “Contraband”, c.1958
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