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Cards Eh! 2002

Cards Eh!

“Cards Eh!” playing cards with general information about Canada produced by JK Productions of Richmond, British Columbia in 2002.

Charles Hodges 1828

Charles Hodges

Charles Hodges produced engraved geographical and astronomical decks, London, c.1827-30.

Chief Cities Quartettes

Chief Cities Quartettes

Hand-made ‘Chief Cities Quartettes’ card game, c.1910.

Costumes des Peuples Étrangers 1820

Costumes des Peuples Étrangers

Costumes des Peuples Étrangers & Jeu d’Or dedicated to young people and likely used for games and fortune-telling.

Counties of England 1880

Counties of England

Jaques’ Counties of England card game.

Counties of England 4th Series 1910

Counties of England 4th Series

Jaques' Counties of England card game, 4th Series (Southern Counties), c.1910.

Countries of the World

Countries of the World

“Countries of the World” published by H.P. Gibson & Sons, Ltd, c.1939.

Des Quatre Parties du Monde 1880

Des Quatre Parties du Monde

Four Corners of the World fantasy playing cards by Daveluy, Bruges, Belgium, 1875-1880.

Four Continents Patience 1910

Four Continents Patience

Dondorf's 'Four Continents' Patience, c.1910.

Four Continents playing cards 1880

Four Continents playing cards

made by Fulladosa y Comp of Barcelona

Four Empires - Clemente Roxas 1805

Four Empires - Clemente Roxas

‘Four Empires’ playing cards produced by Clemente Roxas, c.1805.

From Empire to Commonwealth 1998

From Empire to Commonwealth

Flags, locations and admission dates of 52 Commonwealth countries.

Game of Cities 1932

Game of Cities

Game of Cities published by E.E Fairchild Co, 1932.

Game of Nations 1890

Game of Nations

The “Game of Nations” depicting caricatures of traditional costumes manufactured by McLoughlin Brothers, USA 1890s.

Geographical Playing Cards, c.1682 1682

Geographical Playing Cards, c.1682

Geographical playing cards sold by Henry Brome, second edition, c.1682.

Instructive and Educational Playing Cards 1644

Instructive and Educational Playing Cards

Playing cards with an educational and instructive purpose first trended in mid-17th century France, inspiring imitations on a growing number of topics such as Arithmetic, Fortification and Military Science, Geometry, Grammar, Heraldry, Cartography, Biographies, Mythology, History, Political Satire, and so on.

Jeu de la Géographie 1644

Jeu de la Géographie

“Jeu de Géographie” educational playing cards etched by Stefano Della Bella and published in c.1644.

L’Utile col Diletto 1725

L’Utile col Diletto

Geographical and Heraldic Tarocchi cards from Bologna, 1725.

Lever Brothers miniatures 1930

Lever Brothers miniatures

Two miniature card games promoting Vim Scouring Powder and Sunshine Soap, 1930s.



“Mapit” war map card game published by Geographia Ltd, 55 Fleet Street, London E.C., c.1940s.