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Bohemia Moravia 1997

Bohemia Moravia

Historical figures from Bohemia and Moravia in Piatnik’s traditional style.



Daveluy produced card games between c.1840 and 1890. Many of his playing cards have historical connotations and show figures with a landscape background.

Descubridores y Colonizadores de America 1952

Descubridores y Colonizadores de America

“Baraja Histórica” (Descubridores y Colonizadores de America) manufactured by Heraclio Fournier S.A., 1952 designed by Ricardo Summers “Serny”

Dresdner Originale 1989

Dresdner Originale

‘Dresdner Originale with scenes of Dresden, designed by Günter Schmitz, 1989.

Dutch Historical playing cards 1950

Dutch Historical playing cards

Advertising for Mopenco, the Dutch Fountain Pen King

España Imperial 1983

España Imperial

España imperial / Imperial Spain playing cards with artwork by Serny, published by Heraclio Fournier, Spain, 1983.

Famo 1938


Famo, the historical card game, 1939.

French Costumes 1848

French Costumes

The French taste for elegant, well engraved costume playing cards started during the early 19th century. O. Gibert of Paris produced a series of such fashion packs, or packs depicting historical characters.

German History by Johann Conrad Jegel

German History by Johann Conrad Jegel

Historical Deck with characters and emblematical figures published by Johann Conrad Jegel, Nürnberg, with etching by Georg Pommer.

Historical Characters 1994

Historical Characters

“Historical Characters” playing cards printed by Waddington’s for Thermawear Ltd, 1994.

Islenzk Spil 1930

Islenzk Spil

This historical Icelandic deck was first published in c.1930 and shows the native Icelandic Vikings of some thousand years ago rendered in a romantic naturalistic style.

J. Glanz Historical playing cards 1865

J. Glanz Historical playing cards

Historical Theatrical playing cards manufactured by J. Glanz, c.1865.

Jeu de Costumes Historiques Anglais 1856

Jeu de Costumes Historiques Anglais

The courts are full-length figures of English historical personages.

Jeu des Rois de France 1856

Jeu des Rois de France

This beautifully engraved and pleasing deck designed in 1856 has French Kings and consorts as the Kings and Queens, with noble attendants as the Jacks, all dressed in magnificent period costumes.

La Compagnie de 1602 1991

La Compagnie de 1602

Characters from the annual festival held to commemorate the failed attempt to storm Geneva in 1602.

Lakeland 1988


Lakeland playing cards by Stuart Lawrence depicting famous characters & views of England’s Lake District, c.1988.

Les Mousquetaires Playing Cards 1860

Les Mousquetaires Playing Cards

depicting characters from the novel by Alexandre Dumas

Les Ordres de Chevalerie 2006

Les Ordres de Chevalerie

Six orders of chivalry represented pictorially by the artist Patrick Dallanégra.

Naipe Navarro 1980

Naipe Navarro

Historical figures and artefacts from Navarre with designs by M. Sinués for the Navarre Association of Volunteer Blood Donors.

Neue Deutsche Spielkarte 1883

Neue Deutsche Spielkarte

Neue Deutsche Spielkarte (Reformkarte) conceived by Dr. Timon Schroeter, 1883.